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A Wingsong Book

by Strange de Jim



What Lisa herself often manifests is the art of passing on the art of manifesting to others. Naturally she follows the rules of manifesting. She has a clear picture of us manifesting; and she knows that, if it is the will of our souls, we can do it. The workshops just seem to flow. The excerpts below are from an actual Introduction to Manifesting workshop I attended just to soak up a little extra flavor while finishing Visioning.

We were all sitting in a circle in the living room of the Wingsong Center, a gracious old mansion in Oakland. Lisa pulled up in the mint-condition white 1962 Thunderbird she had manifested during the week. When she entered the living room, she gently asked various people to switch places to improve the flow of energy in the room. When she was satisfied, she began explaining what manifesting was.

There were about twenty-five people there. For the majority this was their first exposure to Lisa and her fanciful ideas; yet she believed in the process so completely that, as far as I could tell, no serious skepticism even arose. Certainly none was expressed. It was when I noticed that I realized, "My God, Lisa is manifesting the acceptance of manifesting, and it works!

Those of us who had been Wingsinging for awhile were asked to share the results of our own manifesting. One lady, for instance, described the perfect little cottage surrounded by woods which she had found right in the middle of the city and bought at a ridiculously low price. Others reported their own successes. When it came my turn all I could think of that I'd really gotten in the past week (besides this book) was a free roundtrip airline ticket to Australia. Later, of course, I remembered the really important things I should have mentioned.

In any case, we performed the "Rose of Pink Light" meditation and then went around the room, having the members of the group focus their loving energy to further each person in turn obtaining his or her hearts desire. We were about halfway around the room before I realized that what was happening was too good not to record. Here are excerpts from the remainder of the session, as nearly verbatim as my notes and memory will permit. In order to respect the participants' privacy, I'll simply give the request, along with Lisa's comments before the group focused its energy.

A Perfect Relationship

"I want a perfect relationship with my husband."

"Are you willing to grant him total amnesty for anything he may have done in the past?"


"Are you willing to accept him as he really is and allow him to become whatever his inner self leads him to become?"


"Are you willing to make his happiness more important to you than your own?"

Hesitation, producing general laughter. "You don't mean I have to be unhappy myself?"

"No, of course not. Sacrifice is not a viable concept when you are reaching for the Light. The most wonderful way to make yourself happy is to make someone else happy."

"All right then. Sure."

Eliminate Resistance

"I want to eliminate my resistance to the things we're trying to learn."

"All right. What you have to do is quit resisting resistance. Attention feeds, whether it's positive or negative. Here, I'll show you. For the next minute don't any of you think about the Bay Bridge. You see? Quit being convinced that you have a problem called resistance. Forget about it."

"Forget about what?" General laughter.

Image of Jewel

"You recommend that we manifest a precious stone, but I haven't been able to get a picture of what jewel is right for me. 1 just have no idea."

"Aha. This is the same thing again. Are you willing to let go of not being able to get an image? Are you willing just to let that go?"


"All right. What do you know about your jewel?"

"Well, 1 know it looks both primitive and expensive. It...Oh, I see it! General laughter.

Experience of Guides

"I want to have a clear experience of my spirit guides."

"All right. What we're talking about here is phenomena on the psychic level versus Vision. We're talking about learning to tune your radio, to tune it to the very highest level. The way you can tell if you're getting something from the psychic level is that things from that level come in below the belt. In fact, psychics, people who have psychic powers without being visionaries, receive this energy in their stomachs and hold it. And if they don't know how to get rid of it, they often end up with very fat stomachs.

"If you are receiving Vision, on the other hand, it comes in on a very loving angelic level. You'll feel it in your heart or above. If you're coming from Vision, your heart will feel open. Otherwise it will feel tight.

"Also, it will come in a universal language, different from that you would use yourself in everyday conversation. It's very loving, almost like poetry. If it isn't loving, you'll know it isn't Vision. If you get a message, and you're not sure of it, just ask yourself, 'Will I love myself and others more if I do this?'

"Vision is what allows you to find your way along the Path. As soon as you get in touch with Vision, you'll know which door leads to the lady and which leads to the tiger. Without it you feel hopeless and confused and lost. With Vision you feel protected and guided and loved.

A Car

'The thing that would make me feel really happy right now is a new car."

"All right. First you need to be very clear about exactly the kind of car you want."

"Oh, I know exactly. In fact, I got to take a ride in one just last Friday. It was great."

"Ah, I'm glad you mentioned that; because it illustrates an important point. Sometimes before we get what we really want, we get harbingers, little signs that it's on its way. In your case the harbinger was being offered a ride in the car that was just right for you. If you're manifesting an emerald, for example, you might find a piece of green glass in some unusual place. If the harbinger is a little thing, you might want to keep it as a sign that the real thing is on the way. If it's a big thing, like a piano or a husband, just notice that it's there and pass it by.

Consume Imperfections

"I want to remove all the imperfections from my life."

"That's perfectly possible; because if you have enough light to see a blemish, an imperfection, you have enough light to consume it. And if you have brought it up, you should consume it. Finish it. Don't leave it hanging around. What you have to do is allow yourself to accept the beautiful perfection of the universe.

"We're like petulant little children. Our parents are giving us a marvelous birthday party with clowns and jugglers and presents and birthday cake and all our friends; and we're huddled in the fetal position under the sink, refusing to come out and enjoy it. Or, to look at it another way, it's as though it's raining hundred dollar bills; and we're saying, 'I'll only take the ones that fall through this one tiny little crack.'

"Whenever people ask me whether the universe really is that wonderful, I always think of what Ethel Waters once said when someone asked her whether the program of hymns she was going to sing would be a success. 'Honey,' she replied, 'God don't sponsor no flops.'"

A Healed Wrist

"I sprained my wrist a couple of days ago, and I would like that healed."

"All right. First of all you need to know that any illness or injury in the body is something you manifested. For example, you're a college student who's afraid to take an important exam; so you get the flu. That's an obvious one, but all illnesses and accidents are brought about by you as a means of solving some problem. So are you willing to give up what you get from having that injury?"

"I don't know. I don't see anything I'm getting out of it."

"When you don't see the reason, the thing to do is to go inside and ask your inner being what you would have to give up to be healed. You'll either get the answer or get the feeling that you are willing to give it up."

"All right. I'm ready."

A Healing of Brain Cancer

"I would like to ask for energy in two parts. One is for me, and I would describe it as a feeling of joy. What would bring it about for me is the second part. The son of a friend of mine, a little boy, has given himself cancer of the brain."

"So you want healing energy for him?


"All right. There nothing hopeless or inaccessible that can't be gotten in touch with and healed, if it is the will of his soul. We have to respect his feelings in the matter."

"Oh, yes. He wants to be healed. I checked it out with him this afternoon, and he's willing to have us send him energy. He'd like that very much."

Lisa asked us to close our eyes and see the little boy bathed in a healing light, whole and well and happy again. Then, a couple of times at least, she asked us to intensify the energy. Something incredible surged around the group. Shivers ran up and down our spines (and are running up and down mine right now just from remembering it). One woman, who was attending for the first time, said she experienced the energy as being green. Lisa replied that that was correct. Green was the color of healing. This was what she had told others of us in earlier Wingsong workshops, where she had also mentioned that for her shivers up and down her spine were a sign that something miraculous was taking place.

Once again let me suggest that, just as with the powers which can be released under hypnosis, you search out the reports of the scientifically controlled studies on the use of healing energy if you don't already know that it is real. Healing is one of the greatest gifts you can share with anyone and one of the best ways to speed your ascent up the Rainbow Stairs.

Clear Relationships

"I want to clear everything out of the way in my relationships—with my boyfriend, with my family and my friends, everyone."

"So what you're saying is that you want to dissolve your ego."

"Is that what I'm saying?' (Laughter)

"Yes. You're saying you want your lower self consumed in divine perfection so that you will always be acting from your heart center and above. Is that what you want?"


"All right. Everyone close your eyes, please; and let's send her energy."

"Oh. Wow!"

On Second Thought,
A Sound System

"Well, when we started out, and you said we should ask for whatever we wanted, the first thing that sprang to my mind was that I'd like an incredible sound system, with giant speakers, reel-to-reel tape, cassette, amplifier, turntable, the whole works. But now that I've been listening to everybody and seeing what's been happening, I've become convinced that this thing really works; and I want to be able to do it; but I don't want my ego to get in the way. I mean, if I go out and manifest a few things, I know I'll start thinking, 'Hey, aren't I wonderful. Look at these miracles I can do,'"

"So you want to dissolve your ego too?"

Long pause. "Uh, on second thought, let's go for the sound system." Wonderful general laughter.

"All right. And the important thing, when you get your sound system, is to acknowledge the divine perfection that gave it to you."

Dissolve Fear

"I changed my mind too. Remember how 1 told that in an earlier manifesting workshop I asked for 'inspiration, determination and joy in my writing.' and then a few nights later 1 woke up with the third eye book which turned into the Visioning book right there in my head? Well, I love what's come through so far; but I feel like I need something more for the end of the book; so what I had intended to ask for was additional inspiration to allow me to complete the book.

"But while everyone was talking, I started taking notes; and now I already have everything I need right here on this piece of paper."

"That's wonderful, Strange. It really is true that whatever you need is already right there. So you have the book. What else do you want?"

"I want to dissolve the rest of my fear." "All right. That's what the whole game is about, casting out fear. Let's close our eyes and send Strange some energy."

"Oh, wow!"


Once again I was mistaken in thinking that I had already received all of my gift. Two nights after the above manifesting session I was just sitting around at home with my two new friends Barry and Steve when a third eye exercise suddenly came to me and other things happened with Barry and Steve which belonged in the book. Then I remembered some other incidents with other people that would be just perfect. Now I figure I'd better hurry up and publish the sucker before it gets completely out of hand. I'm not sure the whole universe will fit into one perfectly elegant little book.


The Normal Method

1. "I'm poor and helpless."

2. "Well, my head is above the water; but I'm still at the mercy of the world."

3. "Hmm, I'm starting to get on top of things.

4. "Sure I've made my first million, but I could still lose it. I'd hire another security guard, but they're so expensive.

5. "Damn money-hungry relatives. Damn government. Damn foreigners. Damn radicals.

The Wingsong Method

1. Any number of the above steps.

2. "Manifesting? What's that?"

3. "Wow, this thing works!"

4. ''Could you have someone come over and cart some of this stuff away without letting the IRS see you? My God, I don't see how they expect me to bring in another $10 million to pay their stupid gift tax I'd never even heard of if they won't let me give even one million away."

5. "This is getting ridiculous. Help!"

6. "Am I rich? Yes, I'm very happy. Material possessions? Oh, I travel light. The universe provides me with anything 1 need. What? Well, it's sort of hard to explain. There's a book called Visioning that tells all about it if you're interested. What? Oh, some fellow called Strange de Jim. Yeah, that's what I thought too at first. Well, gotta go catch the sunset. Nice talking with you."


[Author's 2007 note: When I looked up on the books I'd recommended in 1979, I was delighted to find that all but four are still readily available. I added Stranger in a Strange Land, Unconditional Money and Billions of Virgins in Ecstasy, and here they are, with links to for everyone's convenience.]

Stranger in a Strange Land, the book often credited with starting the New Age movement, is my Bible. It's a story of a group marriage, based on integrity, whose goal is the development of the members' highest potential.
Illusions by Richard Bach. The easiest-to-read account I've found of the power of manifesting. By the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Jane Roberts, Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality, The Oversoul 7 Trilogy. The first two are books written by an inner guide.
Ken Keyes, Jr., Handbook to Higher Consciousness. Just what it says. Especially good in dramatizing the benefits of nonattachment. I wouldn't give up my copy for anything.

Raymond A. Moody, Jr., M.D., Life After Life. A study which found that many of those who have been pronounced clinically dead and then revived have met spirit guides.
Unconditional Money, written by fellow Wingsonger David Cates, editor of Billions of Virgins in Ecstasy. tells of his personal journey toward enlightenment.

Thea Alexander, 2l50. A novel about a society in which everyone has access to his or her higher self.
Hermann Hesse, The Glass Bead Game. An intriguing story of a game which encompasses the Universe. Anything by Hesse is great.

Anything by Ram Dass, including the remarkable Be Here Now.

Carlos Castaneda, the Don Juan series. An anthropology student becomes the apprentice of a Yaqui Indian sorcerer. A good account of other realities.

A Course in Miracles. Three volumes containing, among other things, 365 exercises which show the reader how to perform miracles.
Par Lagerkvist, The Sibyl. A Nobel Prize winner describes what it's like to surrender to the All.

Strange de Jim, Billions of Virgins in Ecstasy A simple San Francisco town-fool/masseur finds the secret of True Love, marries Zelda, Jason, Fifi and Earth.
Thaddeus Golas, The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment. It's a short book, and Lisa likes it. Me too.


When you are deciding whether to keep something old or to manifest something new as part of your life, Lisa suggests applying the following four tests:

1. Does it serve my well-being?

2. Is it beautiful to me?

3. Can it be simplified?

4. Will I love myself more if I do/manifest/ keep this?


Reading this book won't do you a heavenly bit of good unless you go out into the world and practice the theories until you know you're perfect.



A couple of years ago, for perfectly plausible reasons much too complicated to go into here, I developed three hobbies. One was blindfolding unwary strangers, taking them home and giving them massages. The second was tricking young people of exceptional physical and spiritual beauty into regarding me as their guru; while the third was doing very peculiar things with movie stars.

What I was doing, although I wasn't aware of it until I met Lisa, was applying the principles of manifesting. The realization that this was what I was doing led me, the night Steve and Barry came over, into the following conversation with myself.

"Say, Strange, why don't you put your own story in the book as proof of what you can do once you believe it's possible?"

"Nah, it's much too bizarre. No one would believe it."

"Sure they would. I mean, they can read page 20 of the February 1977 issue of Playgirl, for instance, and find out what you did with Jack Nicholson and Michael Douglas and those other movie and rock stars in Satty's basement. And there are the stories about you in New West, New Age, San Francisco, California Living and those other magazines."

Now then, what I'd like to do in Part Three is ramble on a little bit about things I've noticed in my own checkered career which seem somehow to fit. (At least they've sent some people into one.)


My friend Steve told me that he wanted to be a writer but that he didn't know what he wanted to write. It occurred to me that in this situation Lisa would have asked her inner guides for advice. I wondered if this would work for someone who didn't necessarily even believe in such things; so I asked Steve's permission to try an experiment with him.

All I did was ask him questions about the book—whether it was fiction or non-fiction, the ratio of the number of pages of photographs to the number of printed pages, etc. Whenever he didn't know the answer, he just "guessed." What was interesting was that although he had felt as though he were just guessing the whole way along, the picture we ended up with felt right to him. If he had wanted to, he could have gone out the next day and started bringing the book into reality.

It's like Lisa says, "Your inner being does already have the answers. All you have to do is ask."


A friend I'll call Ken was having problems in several major areas of his life, and he was making frequent long-distance calls to ask my advice. I did the best I could, but I didn't feel it was helping much.

After one such call I sat down and closed my eyes and opened my heart and asked for Guidance. The first thing I got was that Ken's only real problem was that he had lost sight of himself as a strong, capable, generous, loving, perfect being. Obviously that was true.

"Well then, how can I get him to regain his image of himself as perfect?" I wondered.

Then I saw that I too had lost that image of him. I was pretending that he was someone who needed my advice. I corrected this error by simply thinking about him until I knew he was perfect and perfectly capable of handling his own problems.

This sounds too goody-goody to be true; but the next time Ken came for a visit, all I had to do was speak directly to the capable him I knew existed; and he responded. It was as simple as that. I've tried it on three or four more people since, and it works. If it's the will of their souls, you can actually achieve clarity and acceptance and manifest perfect friends. And though I probably shouldn't mention this until you've bought four or five more books of advice from me, you can also manifest the perfect you. I call it Metasexual Exercise #100.


Sit down. Close your eyes. See yourself as a perfect being in a perfect universe. Open your eyes. Get up. Have fun.


Getting back to earth for a minute, one way to handle the monetary part of the material universe (if you want to limit your thinking by focusing on this as a problem) is to do in your own life what more and more Wingsingers are demonstrating in ours. Figure out what you most enjoy doing, what unleashes the most creative forces from within you, and then let people pay you to do it.

Lisa enjoys leading workshops. Iris runs a business where she consults with individuals and organizations on how they can put more enjoyment into their lives. I like writing and massaging, etc.

Life is just so effortless once you give up the notion that it's easier to be safe and "practical," to do something you hate eight hours a day. Your own creative powers will take care of you. Sound too good to be true? Since I've discovered how manifesting works, I refuse to believe anything that isn't.


The truth is that there are people today who are using their higher powers to cure themselves of cancer. The truth is that there are people today who are using their higher powers to prevent themselves from even getting cancer in the first place. The truth is that there are people today who are using their higher powers to keep themselves in a state of radiant well-being. The truth is that you can be one of those people.

Here are two Wingsong healing methods. It's a good idea to calm your breathing, close your eyes and open your heart before performing either of them. They are both easier to perform on someone else, but you may use them on yourself as well.

1. Place your hands, one on top of the other, gently on the spot to be healed. If the source of the problem appears to be "physical:' place your right hand next to the skin. If the problem appears to be "emotional," place your left hand next to the skin. If you're not sure, do whichever feels more natural. See the person as whole and allow healing energy to come in through the top of your head and flow out through your hands.

2. Place your hands on either side of the spot which is to receive the healing. Simply let your hands rest there until they and the spot have heated up and then cooled down again. This shouldn't take more than a minute or two at most.

Another excellent exercise is to close your eyes and open your heart and see your perfect body in front of you. Then actually reach out your hands and use them to shape and sculpt your perfect body. Know that it is in the process of coming into being.



One of the many edifices that may be imagined as existing inside the multi-faceted crystal on our cover is the Cosmic Abbey. Fred Jones's four letters (see below) are displayed in a glass case inside the main doors to illustrate the truth that acceptance is all that stands between anyone and Everything.

Letter #1

Dear Cosmic Abbey,

I just want you to know that I find your ads extremely misleading. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Reality is reality is reality.


Fred Jones, Honest Citizen

Letter #2

Dear Cosmic Abbey,

At first I thought you were just dishonest, but now I know you're downright dangerous as well. My best friend Myron signed up for one of your courses, and now he claims that last night he "astral projected." He claims he left his body and flew to the moon. I just want to warn you that I'm going to do everything in my power to stop you before you do any more damage to innocent victims.

I mean business,
Fred Jones

Letter #3

Dear Cosmic Abbey,

Myron insisted that I write you and tell you what I told him last night. It's just that when he and I are sitting side by side, and he thinks his mind is off roaming around the universe, I mean if he real]y experiences that, I just sort of wonder whether that's what's really happening. I don't even know what real is anymore. I hate to say this; but even if he is crazy, Myron's a lot more fun than he used to be. Sometimes I even wish I could go along with him.

I don't know why I'm writing you all this. Myron said something nice "would happen if I did.

Fred Jones

Letter #4

Dear Cosmic Abbey,

I greatly enjoyed my visit last night. Thank you for the roses of pink light. I'll always keep them in my heart, like you said, so they won't wilt. Next time I'll try to bring you some orchids. Anyway, I really enjoyed meeting all of you; and I hope you'll let me come see you again real soon.


A big scrapbook in the Oh Those Humans Room of the Abbey contains additional correspondence from earthlings along with the answers sent by the Abbot or Abbess [who, incidentally, is one person). Ash-Kar, who is explained later, helped me pick a few representative examples to give you some idea of whether you'd like to visit the Abbey yourself and view the entire collection.


When you are surrounded by four or five people of exceptional physical and spiritual beauty who love you, you are welcome anywhere.

When you yourself have become a person of exceptional physical and spiritual beauty, you may dispense with your retinue.

These are the first two stages. Write again when you have completed them.


The truth is that, regardless of anything, moment by moment you are free to choose to see and to speak directly to the divinity in the other person(s) and yourself. And the truth is that, if you do that, miracles will occur.


It never hurts to love anyone, ever.


You are an advantage, waiting to be taken.


The ego shouts. The higher self whispers.

The easiest way to pick out the sound of a flute in the middle of a brass band is to be playing it yourself.


Allow yourself to become a window through which others may peer into the heart of the universe long enough to realize that the window is really a mirror. Remain a mirror until you see yourself.


The sky is not the limit.


The goal is to be able to report, "And then Light filled the entire universe."


Enlightenment is not what you think.


Whatever-It-Is is everywhere. You can hear or smell or taste of touch or see anything and choose to reach enlightenment or not. Why, that's what you're already doing with everything you hear or smell or taste or touch or see.


In the tarot the Fool is shown walking off a cliff, a blissful smile on his face. The Fool is considered both the highest and the lowest card in the deck. To walk on air, you need only trust the universe completely. Close your eyes and get an image of yourself as a leaf floating in the wind. Now let another image emerge which feels even better to you. Do you see yet that an image is the most powerful force in the universe?


I repeat. The most powerful force in the universe is an image which you know to be real. And the most powerful of all images is Love.


The most advanced approach to manifesting may be described as "dreaming perfection into reality."


You're asking me?


"Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and the door shall be opened.

"For truly I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move hence to yonder place,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.


Yes. Are you ready to discover your own divine plan, to devote your life to the total expansion of love in the universe?



I've had yet another dream. I was flying in a plane, and I ordered the passengers to jump. I had meant "with parachutes"; but as the fourth person was leaping out the door, I noticed that all she had with her was a little pillow. "Oops," I thought.

I landed the plane to get parachutes for the remaining passengers; and I figured that, as long as we were on the ground, I might as well bury the four people who had already jumped. I gathered up the bodies and drove to several funeral homes, but they were all closed. Not at all dismayed, I drove to a pizza parlor and put the bodies in the oven.

Obviously this dream was food for thought. The meaning soon became very clear to me. In this book I have been blithely giving you suggestions about learning to trust the universe. Once you've become a big enough Fool to trust the universe completely, you can walk on air. In the meantime, however, you'd better use a parachute. I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating.

The possibilities being discussed in this book are very powerful and very real. If you approach them from your lower centers (survival, sex and power), without your heart center being open, you can find yourself involved in some very frightening psychic phenomena. If this happens, surround yourself with white light and send love to whatever it is that is frightening you. I would suggest that you read this paragraph over several times to be sure you remember the instructions in the event that you ever need them.


Remember I said earlier that while I was talking with Steve and Barry a third eye exercise just came to me? Here it is.

In each Islamic mosque there is a spot on the floor to which anyone who has ever entered the mosque has pressed the middle of his forehead while prostrating himself. Allowing oneself to fall into a trance while doing this is thought to be one of the most-likely-to-be -successful methods for producing instant enlightenment.

To save the expense of a trip to the Mid-East, surround yourself with love and white light (a very important step) and then imagine such a spot on the floor in front of you. Actually press (or imagine that you are pressing) your own third eye against this spot. Do whatever you usually do to induce a trance state. Experience those countless generations of third eyes smiling back at you and welcoming you into the All. Remember what we said earlier, that when your third eye opens, you are getting in touch with what God thinks. Whew!

Lisa's comment on the exercise was that it might be even more effective if you drew the eye in the center of a mandala. You could use the one on the back cover, but I would suggest drawing one of your own.


I see a house built around a courtyard. In the center of the courtyard is a pot of gold, filled with jewels of every description. Lasers produce a rainbow which the local residents point to at night in much the same way Chicagoans used to point at the beacon atop the Playboy Tower.

The house is open and spacious, although it does contain a few tiny hidden rooms (no one is quite sure how many). The lighting and sound systems are first-rate. Walking through the rooms one gets the feeling of ancient Egypt, of Tibet, of Paris, of the twenty-fifth century, of...

''Why this is marvelous!" visitors always exclaim. "How in the world did it ever come to be?"

"Oh," the guide replies, "the readers of a certain book somehow envisioned it. It's a pity you haven't received the training yet that would allow you to see the parts of the house that exist on other than the physical plane.

The visitors always assume the guide is crazy; yet there is the house, the physical evidence, sitting there right before their very eyes. It is always amusing to hear the way they explain the house to their friends when they get back home.


I thought you'd never ask. Astrologer Hank Friedman, who did some channeling for me using the method described earlier in the "Visualizing vs. Visioning" chapter, told me that my guide lives in another galaxy and has no physical body; so I'll probably never be able to see him. Therefore, just for convenience's sake, I've decided to see my guide as Ash-Kar, an imaginary man I've known for some time. Ash-Kar claims to be (or to have been) the last Godking of Atlantis; and he explains his present somewhat demeaning living situation by saying that when Atlantis exploded, he didn't have time to plan his trajectory and so landed inside my head.

Ash-Kar showed me the Cosmic Abbey and selected the letters for Part Four. You don't have to worry about Ash-Kar for the present, but I thought I should at least mention him to you. He tells me that he is featured quite prominently in some of my future literary efforts.


Saturday I finished typing the first draft of this book. Sunday afternoon fellow Wingsinger Chris Baxter and I were lying beside the pool soaking up the sun on the roof of the San Francisco Hilton when I noticed a woman with a camera stalking a man lying face down on a chaise lounge.

"What's that lady taking a picture of?" I asked.

"That guy's buns, I guess," Chris replied.

"Are they together?" I wondered.

"His buns?" Chris inquired in surprise.

It was as though a spell had been broken. "Hooray!" I thought. "I've finished the book. All this weird spiritual stuff is over for awhile. I can relax and get back to normal."

I started discussing with Chris whether I should buy some opals while I'm in Australia, and he asked my advice about the best way to get paid to travel around the world with a rock band.

When we left the Hilton, however, we decided to go to a health food bar for a bite to drink. There our vibration level (according to her) attracted a clear-eyed, relaxed, intelligent and very centered young woman named Pat who turned out to hold a very interesting and responsible executive position with a large local corporation. Chris and I both felt at home with her immediately.

Pat said that she had been taking a course in self-hypnosis for over a year, that you could hypnotize yourself into believing anything, and anything you truly believed was real. That was all very fine, but then she very calmly proceeded to prove it. When she left, Chris turned to me and asked, "Do you think Lisa's guides sent her here just to show us that this stuff really works?" I confessed that I didn't know.

When we left the restaurant, we were approached by a young man drinking beer out of a can in a paper bag. Chris and I had both met him, but neither of us had ever talked to him. He looked me straight in the eye (his were remarkably penetrating) and asked, "Have you ever achieved satori?"

"What?" I answered.

"Aha," he laughed. "You're not supposed to tell, are you?" He reeled on down the street.

When I got home I found that Ken from our earlier example had sent me a copy of Illusions by Richard Bach. It turned out to be the best fictional account I have read to date of the theory that whatever you believe is real, that your beliefs act like magnets to draw people, material objects and experiences to you. I was beginning to suspect that somebody might be trying to tell me something.

I sat down and tried to get an image of what was happening to me. I saw an impossible-to-describe picture of a third eye which was also a door which was both open and shut and which led into infinity. The words that went with it were from Ash-Kar: "Although there is no door, the door does have a key.


When we both remember where we left ours, I guess we'll see each other on the other side. In the meantime, namaste.

Strange de Jim


Surround Yourself With Opulence

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VlSIONlNG makes the Wingsong Teachings available to those who know they are ready for them. On the kindergarten level these Teachings, given by her inner guides to a lady named Lisa de Longchamps, are extremely powerful techniques for mastering the physical universe, for creating anything from parking places and new jobs to houses and cars and diamond rings. The purpose is not the accumulation and hoarding of material goods. Quite the opposite, in fact. The emphasis is on giving. The aim is to learn to trust the universe by experiencing opulence—to know we can have whatever we want whenever we want it, enjoy it to the utmost and not have to be afraid of losing it.

On the intermediate level this trust leads to the opening of our heart (Love), throat (Creativity) and third eye (Vision) centers. We learn that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is not only ours to enjoy as we please, it contains wonders far beyond mere gold and sparkling jewels.

Finally we are invited to look up and catch a dazzling glimpse of the other end of the rainbow, the end high above the clouds, the end that never ends. Then, if we choose, we may place our feet on the RainbowStairs and begin the ascent towards Initiation into the Light.


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