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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

Photos by Strange de Jim

June 24, 2012

There's no way I can tell Dot Marie Jones how inspiring I've found her and her character Coach Bieste on "Glee."

She smiles for my camera. Our eyes meet for an eternal instant, now gone forever. On to watch...

Rainbow Flag creator Gilbert Baker, gay political columnist Wayne Friday, Senatorial Aide Anna Damiani and State Senator Mark Leno pose for the gentleman to my left.

Then Mark and Gilbert pose for me while Anna's gag reflex reacts to the gag I just told her.

Actually, that isn't her tongue. It's the red and orange stripes on the Rainbow Flag on the pole behind her.

State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, gracious as always, has a chic jewel in his ear.

"Zumanity, The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil."

The thought alone ...

I wonder why Brian Chickpea Busta and de Ever Bruce Beaudette are smiling so happily while awash in blood.

In "Death at a Gay Parade" are they the murderers, the plainclothes cops or the victims?

Popular Jay Leno and Chelsea Handler regular Ross Mathews is being sponsored by Macy's.

Ross has his arm around a fan.

Now he's snapping a photo of my T-shirt, saying, "That's hilarious!"

Here's the shirt in a picture taken with my camera on the way home.

Hilrious? Down here in the Muni underground we Bearded Lesbians Without Boarders are usually seen as a rather tough and bitter group. And wait until the 2013 parade when I'll have been 70 for almost a year! Well, it's home to the Castro.

And if you wonder why I love the Castro, Leah Garchik reports in June 28th's "S.F. Chronicle:" "Strange de Jim sent along a photo of a curb at 18th & Noe on which someone had stenciled, in pink and purple, Unicorn Parking."

The next day I tried to park in the space and a unicorn testily tootled its horn at me!


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