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San Francisco Gay Pride

Photos by Strange de Jim

June 25 & 26, 2011

Pink Saturday in the Castro, June 25

GLBT Pride Parade, June 26

This is yours truly in my "Nobody Knows I'm a Lesbian" tee posing in the Castro Street Muni station in front of the poster for Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City musical. I can now post this photo on facebook.com/talesofthecitymusical to win fabulous prizes.

The Dykes on Bikes are getting ready to lead the parade.

The second group in the parade every year is Mikes on Bikes.

Celebrity Grand Marshal Chaz Bono prepares to roll.

I have a good chat with former Supervisor and current Mayoral candidate Bevan Dufty.

This is Bevan Dufty with Anna Conda on the right and Anna's boyfriend on the left.

Bevan enters the parade with Fiona Ma.

Second from the left is Anna Damiani, aide to State Senator Mark Leno.

State Senator Mark Leno. When he was a State Assemblyman, Mr. Leno gave me a Certificate of Recognition for my book Billions of Virgins in Ecstasy.

State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano likes Andy Richter's answer to the question, "What movie title best describes your penis?" Andy says, "Little Miss Sunshine."

Photographer Dan Nicoletta is a wonderful man. He was Harvey Milk's photographer, employee and friend, and has done much to keep Harvey's memory alive.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera

City Treasurer Jose Cisneros.

On the right is Paul Boneberg, head of the GLBT Historical Society, which this year opened a museum on 18th Street west of Castro Street.

This is Assessor Phil Ting

The revered Reverend Cecil Williams of Glide Memorial Church.

This is Supervisor for the Castro District Scott Wiener.

Robert Potter, in the VFW contingent, is a long-time activist.

Tom Boyer is head of the Pink Pistols, a gay NRA chapter. He loves guns, guns, guns.

Bruce Beaudette is always in costume.

This is Community Grand Marshal Terry Stewart.

Green of face to the right is Cockette Mrs. Vera.

Congratulations to Frank and Joe!

I asked these Gap Monitors if they could help me with my memory.

Too bad the lady in the picture frame didn't show up too well in this photo.

This is the head of the Leather Pride contingent.


Back in the Castro, the pink triangle can be seen up on Twin Peaks.

Superstar Video is offering its usual rentals.

And it's the last night of the LGBT Film Festival.

Hooray! See you next year!


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