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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, June 27, 2010

by Strange de Jim


Nick Carter beside his car.


Ambassador James Hormel beside his car.


Ambassador Hormel and his partner said they'd have known even if I hadn't been wearing the shirt.


However, Brian Littrell of The Backstreet Boys refused to believe I was a lesbian,
probably because of the obvious electricity between us.


Here's Mike Brownstone, leader of Mikes on Bikes, the second contingent in the parade, after Dykes on Bikes.

Mike's also the leader of the campaign to gain Catwoman, Mz. Julie Newmar, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Then there were Tykes on Bikes.




I'm not sure who they were, but they really seemed to want their picture taken.


City Treasurer Jose Cisneros


Leather Marshals



The only gay VFW group in the U.S.


Cast of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"


Purple Pussy


Translatina Club from City College.




Cast of "Beach Blanket Babylon" with a guy whose shirt says,
"ASS the other vagina."


State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano




Backstreet Boys texting.


Nick Carter with the other two Backstreet Boys.


Gore and I agree.



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