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Castro Photos, Funny Pictures & Late-Night-TV Zingers

by Strange de Jim

September 2009


Castro Photos

Hand Job Given on Castro Street

I'm suing Hand Job. I went in and plunked down my money, and all they did were my fingernails. Given, however, will sell you Billions of Virgins in Ecstasy.


de Rainbow Flag at Harvey Milk Plaza Caught by the Sun




Blackcurrent Tango ad, done in one long take.


Bride who can't stop laughing


Emmy opening number


Emmy Dr. Horrible number


Fur Elise with animal sounds


Football team dance from Glee


Sam Tsui Michael Jackson tribute


Sinead's Hand gay marriage


Webby acceptance speeches


Sent by Cindy Morse

This is a magic patch you can wear to the emergency room to cause 3/4 of the patients to suddenly leave.


"Tough Town" from Elayne Boosler's Facebook Wall


From JasonLove.com


From Neatorama.com

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Late-Night-TV Zingers

September wins: O'Brien 7, Fallon 5, Letterman 4, Leno 3, Ferguson 2

Tuesday, September 1 winner: Craig Ferguson: "To celebrate gay marriage Ben & Jerry changed Chubby Hubby ice cream to Hubby Hubby. It has lots of nuts and goes straight to your ass."

Wednesday, September 2 winner: Jimmy Fallon: "Whitney Houston gave a concert in Central Park and it went okay, except for a little crack in her voice."

Thursday, September 3 winner: David Letterman: "The Republicans are talking about running Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin in 2012. Talk about your shotgun marriage."

Friday, September 4 winner: Jimmy Fallon: "Labor Day is the day set aside to remember when people had jobs."

Monday, September 7: Everyone off for Labor Day.

Tuesday, September 8 winner: Conan O'Brien: "Swedish people were upset that tax dollars had been used to fund a lesbian porno film. No word on what the upsetting part was."

Wednesday, September 9 winner: Jimmy Fallon: "Rather than show the President's speech, the Fox network ran 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'Glee.' So tomorrow you're going to be explaining health care to your gay friends."

Thursday, September 10 winner: Conan O'Brien: "Yankee Stadium gave out free prostate exams. They cheated by advertising it as Glove Night."

Friday, September 11 winner: Craig Ferguson: "Antarctica's the only continent with no permanent residents. Everyone just stays for a few months and moves on, like Jennifer Aniston's bedroom."

Monday, September 14 winner: Conan O'Brien: "MTV threw Kanye West out after he grabbed Taylor Swift's microphone. MTV has a lower tolerance for bad behavior than the U.S. Congress."

Tuesday, September 15 winner: Jimmy Fallon: "Kanye West bragged that his apology to Taylor Swift was the best apology in the history of the world."

Wednesday, September 16 winner: Jay Leno: "Wall Street executives have been spending their huge bonuses on useless things, like Senator Chris Dodd."

Thursday, September 17 winner: Jimmy Fallon: "The compromise health bill will have Democratic parts and Republican parts. It's the Lady Gaga option."

Friday, September 18 winner: Conan O'Brien: "Farmers in Norway increase milk production by giving their cows soft mattresses to rest on. No word on how they discovered this."

Emmy winner, September 20: Host Neil Patrick Harris: "I'm here to see everything runs smoothly, so let's hope Kanye likes '30 Rock.'"

Monday, September 21 winner: Conan O'Brien: "A study shows that men with large penises are more confident, while women with large penises win more track and field medals."

Tuesday, September 22 winner: David Letterman: "Somebody bought dinner with Sarah Palin on eBay for $63,500. That's the most expensive date with a governor since Eliot Spitzer."

Wednesday, September 23 winner: David Letterman: "Sarah Palin delivered a speech in Hong Kong yesterday. People said it was articulate, compelling, a year late ... And I'm thinking, if it was that good it must have been Tina Fey."

Thursday, September 24 winner: Jay Leno: "A guy put a ring on his penis to make it larger, and after the first day his penis turned black, so he thought it was working."

Friday, September 25 winner: David Letterman: "If you want to know more about Dick Cheney you can friend him on Shot-in-the-Facebook."

Monday, September 28 winner: Conan O'Brien: "It's Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, when they all try to make up for Pauly Shore."

Tuesday, September 29 winner: Conan O'Brien: "Larry King interviewed Iranian President Ahmadinejad and asked him who his favorite Jonas Brother was. He picked Nick." Andy Richter: "Nick's the least infidelly."

Wednesday, September 30 winner: Jay Leno: "I wonder at what point the new bombs-in-the-rectum policy got told to the operatives. 'Where's my dynamite vest?' 'Well, Achmed ...' "

For all the hundreds of zingers from which these were chosen, click here.


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