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Castro Photos, Funny Videos, Pictures & Late-Night-TV Zingers

by Strange de Jim

October 2010


Castro (and other) Photos

I knew Julie Brown before she had her first big MTV video hit:
"Everybody Run! The Homecoming Queen Has a Gun!"

Here we are at Books Inc. October 30. One of has has hardly changed a bit.
julie brown & I

Julie's new CD is Smell the Glamour. Get it on iTunes or at www.juliebrown.com.

And here's another old friend who suddenly popped up again. "7,000 sailors can't be wrong."

carrie snow

The Castro Street Fair Oct. 3 was a blast. Click for more photos.

Leah Garchik's column, San Francisco Chronicle, 10/12/10: -- George Davis, the candidate for District Six supervisor who advocates public nudity for all and free dental care for seniors, held a High Nudi-Tea Party at the Castro Commons on Wednesday. Strange de Jim, who photographed the scene at 4:15 p.m., stopped back at 5:10, noting that one guy was already putting his kilt on. "Nudi-Tea Parties aren't what they once were," observes the sage Strange.
Note: Here's the photo I sent Leah from 4:15. At 5:10 one of the two guys was putting his kilt on, and the young lady had taken her top off.


I got there as the orange car joined the line of six trolleys on Market between Church & Sanchez and the driver made the passengers get off. I assumed the first one had broken down, but right after I took this photo they all moved out. I thought maybe the power had been off for the whole line, but then the other cars couldn't have gotten there. Maybe the first car was broken and got fixed, but I still couldn't figure why, knowing of the trouble, cars had still started out with passengers at Castro and then made them get off two blocks later. Any ideas?

trolley line

I found this toy on top of a trash can. Judging by the spelling, a teacher was still needed.

fu teecher

October 21 a gas main rupture in front of Starbucks on 18th had 2 blocks of 18th & 2 blocks of Castro blocked off for a couple of hours. You could smell the gas and hear the big whoosh from blocks away.

gas leak

The Giants made it to the World Series! Magnet Health Center on 18th was in full support.


Here are Halloween pumpkins on 18th Street.

pumpkin steps

Here's a dangling mummy in Clarendon Heights.

dangling money

And a Witch Garage just up the street.

witch parking

Fun Videos

9 cocktails from 1 shaker

Ben Kenobi, Private Jedeye

Human Billboards

Parachuting into a stadium

Pinsent reads Bieber

Wedding Laser Kisses

The Best Show I've Seen in a Long Time:
Sherlock Holmes in the 21st Century

Click for details and to watch snippets or whole episodes.

From Jason Love (jasonlove.com)
cats not on feet
jl pee in corner

Sent by a Friend Who Didn't Want Credit

ass tp diespenser

From Neatorama.com

First, here are some tee-shirts, etc. from www.neatoshop.com.

cant log off custer et phone home

fisticup honk for peace iPoo leper chan mobius comic strip

moi way or highway money root of evil out of mind back in 5 rather be dating resistance ohm

talk nerdy still thing funny

spock smile

atificial people reef

assemly instr frm hell

Unfortunate Ad Placement

baby gun to head

bablancing barn

being justing beaber

boba fett invoice

candle weeps

The Chilean miner with the mistress

chilean mistress a
chilean mistress b

chilean miner 2nd mistress

denies cocaine in butt is his

drink at space bar

memory drug

Click for memory story.

facebook portrait
Click for Facebook story.

funny posters
Click for more funny rally signs.

fun with tsa
Click for more fun with TSA.

gold vending

google antarctica

gotham starry night

gum shoe

led scurlptures
Click for more LED sculptures.

man blowing goat

man rescued baby
Click for baby story.

micheal j scarecrow

misspelled tattoo

most expensive costumes

Click for more expensive costumes.

funny weather map

salad dr to gun fight

scratched glasses
Click for glasses story.

seethru shirt

short runner uses stool

siesta competition

software adjusts bodies

superglue for eye drops

thief returns data

tiny privacy curtain
Click for privacy curtain video.

turn into zombie t

wrong car defecation

yoda monkey
Click for Yoda story.

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The #1 Late-Night-TV Zingers
For last night's top 10 follow me on Twitter: @strangedejim

Friday, October 1 Strangie to David Letterman: "In France thieves have invented a high-powered vacuum that sucks the cash right out of an ATM machine. Here we call that an ex-wife."

Monday, October 4 Strangie to David Letterman: "This morning I let the dog out into the backyard. President Obama was out there talking about the economy."

Tuesday, October 5 Strangie to
David Letterman: "Two scientists won the Nobel Prize for creating the thinnest material in the world. As a matter of fact, I think they write for this show."

Wednesday, October 6 Strangie to Jay Leno: "Linguists have discovered a new language that's understood by only a thousand people in India. The language is called Tech Support."

Thursday, October 7 Strangie to Craig Ferguson: "Only one American has won the Nobel Prize for Literature in the last 20 years, but that'll change next year, because Snooki's book is coming out."

Friday, October 8 Strangie to Craig Ferguson: "The race horse Secretariat got his own postage stamp in 1999, and, coincidentally, he was also the glue on the back."

Monday, October 11 Strangie to Jimmy Kimmel: "It's Canadian Thanksgiving, the day Canadians gather together and thank God that Celine Dion moved to Las Vegas."

Tuesday, October 12 Strangie to
David Letterman:  "People are accusing The Situation on 'Jersey Shore' of using steroids. He says no, no, but he does work out a couple of hours a day on a stationery Snooki."

Wednesday, October 13 Strangie to
David Letterman: "BP today successfully capped the shaft to prevent any more miners from getting out."

Thursday, October 14 Strangie to
Jay Leno: "All 33 miners were sent to the hospital for observation, except for that one guy with the mistress. He went straight to the witness protection program."

Friday, October 15 Strangie to
Jay Leno: "Today down in Chile, a huge outbreak of sex with miners."

Monday, October 18 Strangie to Jimmy Kimmel, who showed a clip of Chilean miner Victor reading a poem from underground: "I spend my days hoping. I spend my nights crying. We don't have a bathroom. My poor nose is dying." Jimmy: "He's like Miner Anjelou down there."

Tuesday, October 19 Strangie to Jimmy Kimmel: "Last night on 'Dancing with the Stars' Bristol Palin and her partner came out in gorilla costumes, the closest anyone in the Palin family has ever come to acknowledging evolution."

Wednesday, October 20 Strangie to
Chelsea Handler: Starbucks has ordered its baristas to make no more than 2 drinks at a time so it's not an assembly line. "Starbucks Takes Its Time: Expresslow."

Thursday, October 21 Strangie to Chelsea Handler: "Baby on Snowboard: Alpine ski racer Picabo Street was spokesperson for this birth control method where they put something in your Fallopian tubes, and then she became pregnant." Jeff Wild: "I hope they name the kid Iseeyou, because it would be Picabo, Iseeyou."

Friday, October 22: All shows in reruns.

Monday, October 25, Strangie to
Jimmy Kimmel: "If Brett Favre would like to bring his penis here to compare it to the photos, I would do that, to set the record straight, or slightly curved, as the case may be."

Tuesday, October 26 Strangie to David Letterman: "Madonna is opening a chain of fitness centers. Up until now, people just worked out on Madonna."

Wednesday, October 27 Strangie to
Jay Leno: "A woman in Taiwan who couldn't find a husband is going to marry herself. If you're going to get her a wedding gift, you can't go wrong with batteries."

Thursday, October 28 Strangie to
Craig Ferguson: "I don't like those 3-D glasses. You don't know how many people have had them on their faces before you. They're like Kardashians."

Friday, October 29 Strangie to
Jay Leno: "The Giants crushed the Rangers last night, nine to nothing. The Ranger pitching was not good. They let more guys walk than an L.A. jury."


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