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Castro Photos, Funny Pictures & Late-Night-TV Zingers

by Strange de Jim

October 2009


Castro Photos

Sunday, October 4, was a perfect day for the Castro Street Fair.


Reopening of the Harvey Milk Branch of the Library, October 24 after 18 Months

The elusive Donna Sachet in red thought the ceremony started an hour earlier than it did, so she had to slip away at the beginning.


The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence gave a blessing.


Supervisor Bevan Dufty cut the ribbon. Next to him is State Senator Mark Leno.


A Chinese dragon led the crowd into the renovated library, which has many more computer terminals and lots of other improvements.



Judging by the obscenities shouted by the construction workers, the lovely new rainbow geyser at the corner of Market and Sanchez was unintentional



With Wayland dead, in lieu of Flowers the eternal Madame was in town with her new partner Rick Skye for a weekend appearance at the Rrazz Room. They visited the Castro the day before Halloween, where they were greeted by dapper Mike Brownstone.


Here are Madame and Rick in Harvey's. Madame must have a hollow leg. I've never seen anyone drink so much while remaining a perfect lady — except, of course, Dame Edna and Armistead.


Here's the greeter at the Cafe Flore.


At the Harvey Milk Library branch, patrons were warned that the zombies are looking for brains. "Don't worry, you're safe."


At Given Gifts, on the site of Harvey Milk's old camera store, owner Nick Romero did a Letterman on clerk Patty Cakes.


Cliff's had a spooky window.


Whereas nine people were shot a couple of years ago, the only casualty this Halloween was this woman, who'd had one too many screwdrivers. Luckily she had a real ambulance and EMT to pose with.



Click for Batman musical.


"Dr. Parnassus" Trailer (Heath Ledger's Last Movie)


Balloon Boy Parody


Hitler Upset at Balloon Boy


Dancing with Devotion (Wait for the Six Arms.)


Office Workers Do a Backstreet Boys Song


On Disney's "Modern Family" the Gay Guys Adopt a Baby


"Milk" screenwriter Dustin Lance Black speaks at the Equality March on Washington


Sean Penn Speaks on California's Harvey Milk Day (Which Has Just Been Enacted into Law)


Home Movie of Harvey Milk at age 12


"Sweet Caroline" on "Glee"


Keanu Reeves Is Immortal (Spooky)


Jimmy Kimmel Spoof of Guy Caught Drunk on Security Camera


Andy Samberg "I Threw It on the Ground"


"SNL' Two Gays in the Military (May Take a Long Time to Load)


"SNL" Tamara Parks Tries Not to Have an Unwanted Orgasm
Really Hilarious (May Take a Long Time to Load)


A Staircase Turned into a Piano


The Love Theme from "Umbrellas of Cherbourg"


Heartbreaking Scene in the Gas Station from "Umbrellas of Cherbourg"


Sent by Cindy Morse


Sent by Jake Vreeburg
(Statutory Rape)


Sent by Gregg Slapak
Best Halloween Costume


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From Neatorama.com


Click for 7 secrets.


Click for 10 most useful tools.


Click for 12 creative bathtubs.




Click for more light photographs.


Click for PhotoSketch montage.


Click for sad rat photos.


Click for more firm names.


Click for more photos of the illusion.



Late-Night-TV Zingers

October wins: Leno 7, O'Brien 6, Letterman 3, Fallon 3, Kimmel 2, Ferguson 1

Thursday, October 1 winner: Jimmy Fallon: "Sarah Palin's book is already #1 on Amazon. And people who bought this book also bought 'no other book in their lives.' It's also #1 on Barnes & Noble, and it would be #1 at Borders, but she had them closed."

Friday, October 2 winner: Jimmy Kimmel: "Oprah failed to get the 2016 Olympics in Chicago. If Stedman shows up bruised tomorrow, don't say anything."

Monday, October 5 winner: David Letterman: "I got in the car this morning, and the navigation lady wasn't speaking to me."

Tuesday, October 6 winner: Conan O'Brien: "Scientists have found the chemical that leads to female aggressive behavior. That chemical? White wine."

Wednesday, October 7 winner: Jay Leno hit his head doing a stunt. "I just did a Conan. I'd rather have done a Letterman."

Thursday, October 8 winner: Jay Leno: "The rules for businesses have changed. Now it's sexual harassment if you just ask, 'Who's on Letterman tonight?'"

Friday, October 9 winner: David Letterman: "Welcome to 'The Late Show.' Are you sure you want to be seen with me?"

Monday, October 12 winner: Jimmy Fallon: "The Pope today named five new saints, but some are questioning whether Obama really deserved it."

Tuesday, October 13 winner: Conan O'Brien: "The Nobel Committee said they awarded Barack Obama the Peace Prize for reducing tension in the world. The runner-ups were red wine and a massage chair."

Wednesday, October 14 winner: Conan O'Brien Celebrity Survey: My favorite clothing store is ... Lady Gaga: "The dumpster behind NASA."

Thursday, October 15 winner: David Letterman: Top Ten Bernie Madoff Observations About Prison: 5. "The guards watch you like a hawk, unlike the SEC."

Friday, October 16 winner: Craig Ferguson: "The horror movie 'Stepfather' opens this weekend. Most stepfathers are fine, though. Except Woody Allen. What? Too soon? Too Soon-Yi?"

"Saturday Night Live," October 17: Seth Meyers: "Gays will be happy to learn that Don't Ask, Don't Tell is being replaced by Truth or Dare."

Monday, October 19 winner: Jay Leno Headlines: News story about a woman who went skydiving on her 92nd birthday: "She says she doesn't remember jumping out of the plane."

Tuesday, October 20 winner: Jay Leno: "President Obama will be sending in another 45,000 troops to fight Fox News."

Wednesday, October 21 winner: Jay Leno: "A woman lived a week in an apartment with her dead boyfriend. She realized he was dead when she finally finished, 'And that was my day. How was your day?'"

Thursday, October 22 winner: Jay Leno: "Hollywood actresses identify with Amelia Earhart, who disappeared at 40. The original title of the movie was 'Descent of a Woman.'"

Friday, October 23 winner: Jimmy Kimmel: "Senator Harry Reid sent up a trial balloon on a public option for health care. Unfortunately the balloon had a kid in it."

Monday, October 26 winner: Conan O'Brien: "Sarah Lawrence is the most expensive college in the country. No one ever said turning your daughter into a lesbian was going to be cheap."

Tuesday, October 27 winner: Conan O'Brien: "Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin's baby daddy, says if Sarah Palin doesn't stop saying bad things about him he'll start leaking dirt about her. And leaking things is what he's really good at."

Wednesday, October 28 winner: Conan O'Brien: "A woman offered to have sex for World Series tickets. The exact offer was 'third base or better for third base or better.'"

Thursday, October 29 winner: Jay Leno: "A 66-year-old deputy attorney general was caught in a cemetery with an 18-year-old stripper, sex tapes and Viagra. Well, we all grieve in our own way."

Friday, October 30 winner: Jimmy Fallon: "The health care bill is two thousand pages, and the plan will cost several trillion dollars. It's the costliest government publication per word since 'Mission Accomplished.'"

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