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Castro Photos, Funny Videos, Pictures & Late-Night-TV Zingers

by Strange de Jim

November 2010

 ferguson chris bridger

You'll never believe what Craig Ferguson (right) tries to get Chris and Bridger to do.
Watch the video below. It's 12 minutes long, but this skit takes only about the 1st 2.


Castro (and other) Photos

gieants celebration

Click for more photos of the Castro & Civic Center celebrations.

Superhero Unemployed Man came to the Castro Nov. 11 to promote his book.

unemployed man


In the tree in front of Harvey Milk's old camera shop at 575 Castro someone hung this birdhouse
with Harvey on the side and a naked man on the bottom.

harvey birdhouse

I liked this display in Ixia's window on Market Street

Ixia window

Magnet STD Health Center on 18th near Castro had this Thanksgiving message.


And up went the Christmas tree at Castro and 18th.

Fun Videos

Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen as his younger self do
Will Smith's daughter Willow's hit "Whip My Hair."

Click for 60 years of TV's most memorable catchphrases.

Below is an entire life told in Facebook posts.

Below the Black Eyed Peas do an incredible number on the American Music Awards.

Boy farts on bus with dire consequences.

Cher does all the songs from "West Side Story."

Here's a spoof of a newscast about climbing Everest where the newscaster blurted out, "But he's gay!"

Here is every Arnold movie scream.

The San Francisco Giants Believin'

Below are the greatest YouTube hits.

Here's Jimmy Kimmel with the adorable Stolen Backpack Kid.





From Jason Love (jasonlove.com)

holy crap

From Neatorama.com

First, here are some tee-shirts, etc. from www.neatoshop.com.

diff geologista gnomeland bondage

jog shortcutspace pirate princess
heart to do arm candy


Click for more mass hysteria.

10 bldgs

Click for more buildings.


Click for more tombstones.

baby shirts1
are you my daddy

Click for more baby shirts.


Click for more much larger aerial photos from around the world.


Click for full-size maze.

area 51

Click for more Area 51 reviews.




commuter theater



Click for every Garfunkel book.



ww1 crowd

Click for more giant crowd pictures.

kid fish

door know

pee on cell phone

kilt underpants


young elderly man

man eats

missing unicorn

colorful cities

Click for more colorful cities.

ntl geo
Click for more "National Geographic" photos.

subay to hogwarts


Click for London panorama.

Click for Reuters photos.


prank packs

Click for more prank packs.

storm troopers

Click for more strange gifts.


Click for more cemeteries.



xray pinup

Click for more X-ray pin-up calendars.


young boozer

The #1 Late-Night-TV Zingers
For last night's top 10 follow me on Twitter: @strangedejim

November  Strangies: Leno 5, Letterman 3, O'Brien 3, Fallon 3, Kimmel 3, Ferguson 2, Colbert 1, Stewart 1

Monday, November 1 Strangie to Craig Ferguson: "After getting sacked in a game Brett Favre needed 10 stitches in his face, but he's still just as photogenic as ever. As he was being tackled he went, 'Not the penis! Not the penis!'"

Tuesday, November 2 Strangie to
Jimmy Kimmel: "What Meg Whitman should have done with her $140 million is make a 'Terminator' movie. That's how our current governor did it."

Wednesday, November 3 Strangie to
David Letterman: "In Washington today volunteers were washing the mud off Democrats and releasing them back into the wild."

Thursday, November 4 Strangie to
David Letterman: "Sarah Palin says she wants limited government. Does she mean fewer elected officials or more officials who resign in the middle of their terms? I think limited government will be perfect for her limited abilities."

Friday, November 5 Strangie to
Jay Leno:  "ABC announced the cast of 'Skating with the Stars.' No, this isn't about the L.A. legal system."

Monday, November 8 Strangie to
Conan O'Brien: "That applause lasted longer than my last job. Welcome to my second annual first show. I've dreamed of being a talk show host on basic cable ever since I was 46."

Tuesday, November 9 Strangie to
Jimmy Kimmel: "George W. Bush was interviewed by Matt Lauer who asked him if he would still invade Iraq if he knew then what he knows now. It's an unfair question. For one thing I don't know if Bush does know what he knows now."

Wednesday, November 10 Strangie to
Jimmy Fallon: "I read Bush's memoir, and I have to say, the book is way better than the Presidency."

Thursday, November 11 Strangie to
Stephen Colbert: "Wall Street hands out new bonuses. Poor people, get prepared to be trickled down on."

Friday, November 12 Strangie to
David Letterman: "It's been over a week and the Republicans still haven't fixed the economy. So vote Democrat in 2012."

Monday, November 15 Strangie to
Conan O'Brien: "Bill Clinton has a cameo in the new 'Hangover 2' movie. When asked why Clinton was in the movie, the producer said, 'There are some things Mike Tyson won't do.'"

Tuesday, November 16 Strangie to
Conan O'Brien: "A Chinese woman is getting a lot of attention for being the first mother to go on television and say something supportive about a gay son. Unfortunately, all she said was, 'It's still better than having a daughter.'"

Wednesday, November 17 Strangie to
Jon Stewart, who showed Bristol Palin's abstinence PSA with 'Jersey Shore's' The Situation where he dangles condoms at her. "By the way, if he gets her pregnant, it's officially designated The Situation womb."

Thursday, November 18 Strangie to Jimmy Fallon: "Yesterday a group of economists came up with a plan to reduce the deficit by $6 trillion. All we have to do is switch from incandescent light bulbs to not having a federal government."

Friday, November 19 Strangie to Jay Leno: "One of those airport naked scan images ended up on the internet. And you know who it was? Brett Favre. What are the odds?"

Saturday, November 20 Special Bonus Strangie to
Jimmy Fallon: "Thank you, guinea pigs, for always being up for anything."

Monday, November 22 Strangie to
Jimmy Fallon: "'Skating with the Stars' premiered tonight after 'Dancing with the Stars.' I was able to watch both, due to my TiVo's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy."

Tuesday, November 23 Strangie to
Jay Leno: "North Korea shot mortars into South Korea. North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il is said to still be very angry that Bristol Palin made it to the finals of 'Dancing with the Stars.'"

Wednesday, November 24 Strangie to Craig Ferguson: "It's Thanksgiving Eve. One year ago today Tiger Woods crashed his car, and the mistresses came spilling out."

Thursday, November 25 (Thanksgiving) Strangie to
Jay Leno: "A woman in Paris was trapped in a bathroom for 20 days. When she came out she said, 'Is Charlie Sheen gone yet?'"

Friday, November 26: No winners

Monday, November 29 Strangie to Jay Leno: "The Airport screening rule is they can only touch your breasts and groin area over clothes. Same rule my high school prom date had."

Tuesday, November 30 Strangie to Jimmy Kimmel: "On his book tour George W. Bush said, 'I was a Blackberry person, and now I'm an iPad person, so I hope you buy my book in hardcover and electronically.' So there you have it. George W. Bush doesn't care about Blackberries."


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