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San Francisco's Castro


November 2005


Getting Catwoman Julie Newmar a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

My letter in S.F. Bay Times, 11/17/05: Julie Newmar is Coming to Town!

Dear de Bay Times,
Wanna meet Julie Newmar? Now the election's over, we can all focus on helping Catwoman finally get her well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Here's Miss Julie leading the "Lesbian and Gay Cat Lovers of America" contingent in San Francisco's 1995 Pride Parade. I'm wearing my "Nobody Knows I'm a Lesbian" tee for the very first time and holding Miss Julie's brother's sign.

And here's her brother, Dr. John Newmeyer, lunching at Harvey's Nov. 11, just before giving me the good news you're about to hear. Miss Julie is coming to San Francisco for a meet and greet at a Walk of Fame Fundraiser this Saturday, Nov. 19, 4 to 6 p.m. Space is limited. Anyone who wants to attend may call 415-863-8932 or e-mail Jnewmeyer@aol.com.
Beep beep!
Strange de Jim

Here are Michael Brownstone and Dr. John Newmeyer at Harvey's Nov. 15. Mike says that on Saturday the 19th he will dress in a Batman costume and pick up Miss Julie at the airport in a chauffeured Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, then whisk her to meet her supporters from 4 to 6 p.m. at her brother John's modest Pacific Heights mansion.

As I approach John Newmeyer's familiar manse I'm delighted by this photo op. I can tell this is going to be a fun evening.

Michael Brownstone poses in the dining room before the guests arrive.

John and Miss Julie ready to greet their guests.

Yours truly, Miss Julie and Michael Brownstone. As you saw above, I first wore my "Nobody Knows I'm a Lesbian" tee with Miss Julie in San Francisco's 1995 Pride Parade. Now the lettering is a little faded and the stomach seems to have expanded.

Realtor Fred Herth and guest with Miss Julie.

Miss Julie offers a guest a Mint Julie.

Your author has had more than one Mint Julie. Still, I leave with an autographed photo claiming, "Strange, You're a love."

Miss Julie, age 72, confides that the nicest part of her life is her new boyfriend, attorney Robert Ourie, 44. If you do the math you'll see that Catwoman has pulled off a double Demi! She'd been a virgin for seven years, and then their eyes met when they were filling up their cars at a gas station, and ...

Michael Brownstone snaps John Newmeyer and me at Harvey's 11/23/05. There'll be another Julie Newmar Star fundraiser in L.A. in January. If you'd like to send a little surprise donation, just Paypal it to John Newmeyer at Jnewmeyer@aol.com.

Meanwhile, back in the Castro ...

In November 2005 I get a 5.1 megapixel Polaroid, my first digital camera. It's so good that even when I accidentally shoot myself in the foot, the photo turns out great.

Or on purpose.

My new toy gives me pause for reflection.

Here's my two-headed friend Beth-Cory, driving past "Mix" "Up Hair" on 18th Street. Beth-Corey likes the quality of this shot so much she buys a Polaroid PDC5070 for shimself.

There are a few new businesses in the Castro, such as Asqew Grill, with delicious food on skewers, in what used to be Josie's Juice Joint at 16th and Market.

On sunny days I like to eat all I can at the all-you-can-eat buffet at Bombay Indian Restaurant, 2217 Market St., and then haul myself up to Corona Heights and lie out on a rock like an overstuffed boa constrictor.

Also new is a pet groomer, Four Wet Feet, at 4599 18th Street, a few blocks up the hill from Castro

And someone you know may not have his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but he does have a washer named after him at Sit & Spin on 18th Street near Noe. (Don't tell Miss Julie.)

Here's Yvonne behind the counter at the Sit and Spin Cafe.

Librarian David Brink shows that the Harvey Milk Branch is still the most fun neighborhood library in San Francisco.

Across the street at the Cafe Flore you might find Matt, the day manager, and Bee behind the counter.

Or it might be Oh.

Or maybe Patrick (l) and Jeff.

With your morning coffee you're likely to get a friendly hello from Mabel Syrup.

Or you might run into Ross Todd, whose CastroStreetLive.Com has a virtual Castro tour, tourist info/maps, history, links and more. In real life he's a life coach. See ThinkPerfect.com.

After morning coffee, in a mere half hour you can walk up 18th Street to where it meets Market, and then up Market until it becomes Portola. You'll see this view, with Corona Heights just left of center and downtown on the right.

A little higher up you'll see Kite Hill just right of center, with Corona Heights left of center.

At the top you'll have a panoramic view of San Francisco and the Bay.

Back down the hill ...

Police recruit on the corner of Castro and 18th.

Rainbows pop up in the oddest places.

And flying over the neighborhood ...

I like it when you catch sight of the flag from odd places. Can you see it to the right of the mural on the Eureka Valley Recreation Center? And a little bit of the facade of the Castro Theatre at the far right?

I always wear my heart on my sleeve and my new Polaroid on my belt, so I'm ready whenever something catches my eye.

In this case I liked the fog behind the sunlit buildings downtown, and the image was so sharp I could crop out just a portion of the image and still have a nice picture.

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