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Castro Photos, Funny Pictures & Late-Night-TV Zingers

by Strange de Jim

May 2009

Click for video. Be sure to watch to the end.


Click for scandalous Mother Lover.


Below from my old roomie Jeff
Literal version of Total Eclipse of the Heart



Castro ( & Other) Photos

Brownstone and Culpepper at Harvey's May 1. Brownstone is scared of the Mexican flu.


Pigheaded Brownstone at Harvey's May 8.


City Hall dome May 6.


Civic Center Farmer's Market May 6.


Barriers have been put up to create a pedestrian plaza on 17th Street at Castro. The trams still run.


This is looking back in the other direction.


Seconds to Go, upscale thrift shop on Fillmore.


Thai Stick Restaurant on Fillmore.


Lobby of the Hyatt Embarcadero.


American Idol's Adam Lambert Kissing Guys

Willie Brown on Race for California Governor

Willie Brown: Gavin Newsom is trying to position himself as the new Barack Obama and his main rival, Attorney General Jerry Brown, as old John McCain. Jerry is trying to position himself as Barack Obama as well, and Newsom as the new Sarah Palin.


Click for transcript of Wanda Sykes and President Obama.


Ben Stiller and Jimmy Kimmel Seen Through the Legs of a Urinating Camel

Click for the longest on-stage urination in television history.


Click for Susan Boyle singing "Memory."


Below from Jake Vreeburg

Close up it's Einstein; far away it's Marilyn Monroe.


Below from Cindy Morse

Somebody up there doesn't like us.


Below from Eric Heilbronner

Click for Jesus doing "I Will Survive. It's very short, and be sure to stay for the ending.


Below from ace realtor Gregg Slapak

Holy Cow!


My Booky Wook by Russell Brand

Russell Brand was a big hit in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and hosted the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. Click here for excerpts from his autobiography My Booky Wook.



Below from Facebook bud Rob Corddry

Click for Dom on Johnny. It's astonishing.


Below from Facebook bud Jon Carroll

Click for Facebook in Reality

Click for Galactic Center rising.


Below from Facebook bud Jack Ryder

Click for Dom DeLuise in Blazing Saddles.

Click for fascinating slo-mo surfer.


Below from Facebook bud Marc Huestis

Click for Olivia Hussey interview. I was there. She was wonderful.


Below from Facebook bud Emily Chatman Duffy

Click for Sweet Home Alabama.


Below from Facebook bud Alexis Arquette

Click for Walking the Dog video.


Below from Facebook bud Bo Young

Click for Babe 3 video.


Below from Neatorama.com

Click for Breathalyzer video.

Click for PostSecrets.

Click for Simpsons video

Click for "Social Media Blues."


Click for sing-along of "Hey, Jude."


Click for sleeping pigs video.

Click for top ten audio recordings.

Click for more vintage birth control.


Click for images that aren't Photoshopped.

Click for page with job offer.

Click for Cutest Chorus video.

Click for Three Wolf Moon Amazon.com reviews.

Click for "Design with Intent" article.


Late-Night-TV Zingers

May wins: Leno 9, Letterman 4, Ferguson 4, Colbert 2, Kimmel 1, Stewart 1

May 1 winner: Jay Leno: "Justice Souter is retiring. Let's just hope the President is better at picking a Justice than the Justices were at picking a President."

May 4 winner: Jay Leno: "Did you watch the Kentucky Derby? I haven't seen a three-year-old run that fast since they opened the gates at Neverland Ranch."

May 5 winner: Craig Ferguson: "In a 'Playboy' interview Shia LaBeouf said his mother is the sexiest woman he knows, and he wishes he could marry her. He's really counting on the fact that no one reads 'Playboy' articles."

May 6 winner: Jay Leno: "Maine is the fifth state to legalize gay marriage, and ten more states have admitted to being bi-curious."

May 7 winner: Dave Letterman: "Subway fares in New York are going up to $2.25, but where else for that price can you get a live sex show?"

May 8 winner: Jimmy Kimmel: "Miss California said marriage is for a man and a woman, and we shouldn't try to second-guess God. Except about breast size."

May 11 winner: Stephen Colbert: "If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear ... my illegal logging operation succeeds."

May 12 winner: Stephen Colbert: "The Vatican was going to ban 'Angels & Demons,' the 'Da Vinci Code' sequel. They banned 'The Da Vinci Code,' and it only made, what, $600 billion? That ban wasn't just effective, it was rhythm method effective."

May 13 winner: Craig Ferguson: "Sissy, it's one of those names where you don't know if it's a boy or a girl."

May 14 winner: Jon Stewart: "An Arabic translator has been dismissed from the Army for being gay. So we keep secrets, torture, spy on our citizens, but the one line we will not cross is 'A Chorus Line.' We waterboard a guy and make him talk, but the guy who can understand what he says has a boyfriend."

May 15 winner: Dave Letterman to guest John Goodman: "It also says in the article that you've given up drinking." John Goodman: "What!?"

May 18 winner: Craig Ferguson: "I think you SHOULD get bitter as you grow older. Shows you're paying attention."

May 19 winner: Jane Fonda: "Whenever I catch a big fish I always think of you, and I don't remember why." Dave Letterman: "Thank you, and I think we both know why."

May 20 winner: Jay Leno: "When asked if English should be our official language, 85% said, 'Si.'"

May 21 winner: Dave Letterman: Top ten things servicemen learned in New York during Fleet Week: "1. Not everyone in a dress is a woman."

May 22 winner: Jay Leno: "One in seven of those released from Guantanamo has gone back to terrorism. The other six are in customer service."

May 25 winner: Jay Leno best Headlines over the years: "Say aaah! Bush to go in for colonoscopy."

May 26 winner: Craig Ferguson: "There's a sex museum in Amsterdam. I hope that's where they set 'Night at the Museum 3.' I've been to the Brazilian Wax Museum. It used to be a forest."

May 27 winner: Jay Leno guest Dame Edna: "I stay with the Queen when I'm in London. She has a wonderful sense of humor. It doesn't come across on the coins."

May 28 winner: Jay Leno: "Now you can get matched up with a hooker on eWhoremony."

May 29 winner: Jay Leno ended his 17 years on "The Tonight Show" by having onstage all 68 kids born to pairs of staffers over the run of the show. Plus, "I was cleaning out my desk today and found O.J.'s knife!"

(For all the hundreds of May zingers go to www.strangebillions.com/zingmay09.)


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