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Being Strange in San Francisco's Castro

More Photos by Strange de Jim

May 2006

Luxury in the Country, AIDS 25th Anniversary,
Harvey Milk and Jose Sarria Ceremonies, etc.

Here are (l to r) Pink Pistols head Tom Boyer, Man about Universe Michael Brownstone and Rafael, the driver of the 1965 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud about to take us to a picnic on a 1,000-acre ranch in the country.

We glide across the Golden Gate Bridge.

My roomie Stephen meets us there.

Here's the parade before the start of the canoe race.

The race starts.

Now the parade to the pavilion on another lake for the wine tasting and the ceremony for the changing of the seasons.

For six months the cat has ruled.

Now it's the dog's turn.

We take a drive around the ranch.

Here's the pavilion at sunset from across the lake.

And so back to the city, where I see the Castro Theatre marquee.

San Francisco Chronicle, Leah Garchik's column, 5/10/06:

Noting that the Castro Theatre marquee says “A Year Without Love” will end on Thursday, Strange de Jim is counting the hours until Friday.

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25th Anniversary of AIDS

The Stop AIDS Project has put up a memorial to the 25th anniversary of AIDS on the corner of 18th and Castro, along with irises throughout the neighborhood. People can attach personal notes to the installation. The flowers will remain up through the end of May. For more info go to StopAIDS.org.

A lightpost.

Moby Dick


A napkin at Harvey's

A Different Light


Sidewalk Saturday

Mayor Newsom proclaimed that on Saturday, May 20, all small businesses in the city could sell on the sidewalk without a special permit, so most of the Castro stores put goods out front.

Harvey Milk Photos Unveiled Sunday, May 21

Jose Sarria Honored Thursday, May 25

Click here for histories and photos of the ceremonies.

Meanwhile, across the street ...

Above the Cafe Flore the Svedka Vodka billboard "toasts all same-sex couples celebrating 25 years of legally wedded bliss."

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