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Castro Photos, Funny Videos, Pictures & Late-Night-TV Zingers

by Strange de Jim

March 2011

Castro Photos

Britney Spears had scheduled a concert for Castro Street in front of the Castro Theatre, but a forecast of rain forced a move indoors to Civic Center Auditorium.

March 9, DeLano's Market, which had been Cala Foods at 18th & Collingwood, became Mollie Stone's
mollie stone

Elizabeth Taylor only had one sign added to a memorial which was already at 18th & Castro.
Liz Taylor

Next day.
liz 2

Oh at the Cafe Flore makes cocktails, not war.

Fun Videos

25 Years of Pixar


Charlie Sheen kisses Jimmy Kimmel


Zach Galifianakis blew me away on "Saturday Night Live."


Jimmy Kimmel: Billy Dee Williams sells Harry Baals Commemorative Busts


"Ain't Gonna Pee-Pee My Bed Tonight"


Bach on a glass harp is amazing.


Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor: Cleopatra Enters Rome


"Colonoscopy Song"


Rescued from an eagles nest in 1908


From Jasonlove.com

Sent by Cindy Morse

Don't swallow your gum.

Muslim Pussy

From Neatorama.com

First, here are some tee-shirts, etc. from www.neatoshop.com.

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The #1s of the Top 10 Late-Night-TV Zingers
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March Strangies

March Strangies: O'Brien 5, Leno 5, Letterman 4, Ferguson 3, Fallon 3, Stewart 1, Colbert 1, Kimmel 1

Tuesday, March 1 Strangie to Jon Stewart: Sarah Palin was so accomplished as Governor she graduated early.

Wednesday, March 2 Strangie to
Conan O'Brien: A lock of Justin Bieber's hair sold on eBay today for over $40,000. Do you think I should frame it or make it into a bracelet?

Thursday, March 3 Strangie to
Craig Ferguson:  I recently stayed in a hotel with a mirror on the ceiling right above the bed. I woke up in the middle of the night terrified. "My God, there's an out-of-shape old man stuck to my ceiling, and he has a massive penis."

Friday, March 4 Strangie to
Jay Leno: Brigham Young University kicked their star player off the basketball team because he had premarital sex with his girlfriend. Would that be a testicle foul?

Monday, March 7 Strangie to
Conan O'Brien: This is the last voyage of the Space Shuttle, and President Obama called them in space today: "You're not going to believe what's happening with Charlie Sheen down here."

Tuesday, March 8 Strangie to
Craig Ferguson: In New Orleans tonight the streets are awash in necklaces. If only you could have waited a few weeks, Lindsay Lohan.

Wednesday, March 9 Strangie to
Stephen Colbert: I'm giving up Catholicism for Lent. It's a great sacrifice, but it just shows my devotion to the great religion I no longer practice. [He wiped the ashes off his forehead.] Wow, I feel so empty. Is this what Unitarians feel like all the time?

Thursday, March 10 Strangie to
Conan O'Brien: After 60 years of service the Dalai Lama is stepping down as the political leader of Tibet. He heard there was an opening on "Two and a Half Men."

Friday, March 11 Strangie to
Craig Ferguson: This weekend we set the clocks ahead and lose an hour of our lives. It's like nature's version of Facebook.

Monday, March 14 Strangie to
Jimmy Fallon: Talking to students today President Obama said he always got in trouble in middle school. In fact, he talked so much in class the teacher took away his teleprompter.

Tuesday, March 15 Strangie to David Letterman: A woman in Virginia showed up in court with a monkey in her bra. Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay!

Wednesday, March 16 Strangie to
David Letterman: In Central Park today I saw an elderly lady sitting on a bench feeding the squirrels. To her pit bull. Thursday,

March 17 Strangie to Jimmy Kimmel, who had Billy Dee Williams offer Harry Baals Commemorative Busts.


Friday, March 18 Strangie to Jay Leno: Tomorrow night is a full moon scientists are calling a Super Moon. It'll be 30% brighter because this is the closest the moon has come to Earth in 20 years. They're actually worried, because they have no idea what effect this might have on Charlie Sheen.

Monday March 21 Strangie to
David Letterman: America's national pastime is underway: Barry Bonds' steroid trial. Barry walked into court in San Francisco today in a really tight white mini dress.

Tuesday, March 22 Strangie to
David Letterman: We have wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Our theater of war is a multiplex.

Wednesday, March 23 Strangie to
Conan O'Brien: Sarah Palin in Israel asked the Israelis, "Why are you apologizing all the time?" The Israelis said, "Because we told everybody Tina Fey was coming."

Thursday, March 24 Strangie to
Jimmy Fallon: When President Obama returned from South American and tried to get into the Oval Office the door was locked. He said, "Holy cow, is it 2012 already?"

Friday, March 25 Strangie
to Jay Leno: Does it bother you, producing sperm in a lab? How many guys prefer fresh squeezed?

Monday, March 28 Strangie
to Jimmy Fallon: There's a new magazine for gay military members. It's mainly just photos of privates.

Tuesday, March 29 Strangie to
Conan O'Brien: A woman in Boston tried to get past airport security wearing a diaper stuffed with 100 grams of cocaine. The giveaway was that her vagina kept yelling, "Winning!"

Wednesday, March 30 Strangie to
Jay Leno: In England a couple met through an internet dating service, fell in love, and then found out they were a long-lost brother and sister. On the plus side, it takes a lot of pressure off meeting the parents.

Thursday, March 31 Strangie to
Jay Leno: The airlines lost 29 million bags last year. They ask us all those questions. We should be the ones asking the questions. "Do you have our bags? Have you let them out of your sight? Did you put them on the plane yourselves?"


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