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Castro Photos, Funny Videos, Pictures & Late-Night-TV Zingers

by Strange de Jim

March 2010


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Castro Photos

Here's the Cafe Flore on St. Paddy's Day


Given Gifts, 575 Castro, Harvey Milk's old camera store, threw a final party March 4.
They closed March 28.

(L to r) Allan Baird, Teamster Official who teamed up with Harvey on the Coors boycott and played himself in "Milk," photographer Dan Nicoletta, one of Harvey's closest friends, played by Lucas Grabeel in "Milk," and Adam Kamil, who was Sean Penn's double on "Milk."

By March 27 most of the stock was gone. Owner Nick Romero waits on a customer.


The last weekend


A couple of years ago elves made a home in this tree on Noe near 18th, but it suddenly disappeared.
Hooray, new elves have moved in.


Fun Videos

The 1903 version of Alice in Wonderland.



Comedian Danny Bhoy in Montreal


Garfunkel & Oates


Singer Jonny Lang


Jimmy Kimmel: Bombshell McGee


Jimmy Kimmel: Dax Shepard playing naked miniature golf


Jimmy Kimmel Oscar night: Handsome Men's Club. Great ending!


Jimmy Kimmel Oscar night: Handsome Men's Club Outtakes


Jimmy Kimmel: Mo'Nique's Hairy Legs


Jay Leno talks with the E-trade baby


My Mom's on Facebook


Old Spice Apple Manmercial


"Saturday Night Live" Boombox


Top twenty five-second films


From Neatorama.com

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Watch the color of your bicycle seat cover.






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Late-Night-TV Zinger Winners

Monday, March 1 Strangie: David Letterman: "At the Winter Olympics the U.S. won the medal in downhill economy."

Tuesday, March 2 Strangie: Jimmy Fallon: "People are really upset that the Bachelor picked the unpopular woman, Vienna. John McCain said, 'It happens.'"

Wednesday, March 3 Strangie: Craig Ferguson: "An air traffic controller at JFK let his son get on the mic. It's the worst case of Bring Your Child to Work since Woody Allen. Too soon? Or too Soon Yi?"

Thursday, March 4 Strangie: Jimmy Fallon: "The Senate decided not to send $250 to the elderly because they'd just spend it on drugs."

Friday, March 5 Strangie: Jimmy Fallon: "Tiger and Elin are living together again. He's just hoping she'll be willing to put on some wigs."

Sunday, March 7 Oscar/Kimmel Strangie: Jimmy Kimmel for his all-star video "Handsome Men's Club."

Monday, March 8 Strangie: Jimmy Fallon: "The Oscars was director James Cameron's own personal 'Hurt Locker.'"

Tuesday, March 9 Strangie: Craig Ferguson: "Tomorrow morning here on CBS Harry Smith will have a live colonoscopy. I had to do something similar to get this job."

Wednesday, March 10 Strangie: David Letterman: "Eric Massa says he groped and tickled a male staffer, but not sexually. He doesn't need to resign. He needs to be transferred to a different parish."

Thursday, March 11 Strangie: David Letterman: "Today is Barbie's birthday. She's the pretty plastic doll who didn't run with John McCain."

Friday, March 12 Strangie: Jimmy Fallon: "A member of Al Qaeda worked for three different nuclear power plants in New Jersey. New Jersey has three nuclear power plants? That explains Snooki."

Monday, March 15 Strangie: No jokes funny enough to win.

Tuesday, March 16 Strangie: David Letterman: "Did you see Harry Smith's colonoscopy on 'The Early Show?' Harry got a clean bill of health, and they found Conan."

Wednesday, March 17 Strangie: David Letterman, who showed two or three clips each of newscasters saying about Eric Massa: "Groping." "Tickling." :Tickle parties." "Snorkeling." And then Glenn Beck saying, "Fondling a cat."

Thursday, March 18 Strangie: Jay Leno: "President Obama was on Fox News yesterday to push health care. That's like George Bush appearing on The Learning Channel."

Friday, March 19 Strangie: Jimmy Fallon: "In the new movie 'Repo Man' Jude Law will rip out your organs if you can't keep up the payments. Like your insurance company."

Monday, March 22 Strangie: Jimmy Kimmel: "Health care has been extended to millions more Americans, or as Republicans call it, Armageddon."

Tuesday, March 23 Strangie: Jay Leno: "Today President Obama signed into law the historic health care bill, or as he likes to call it, the Rush Limbaugh Deportation Act."

Wednesday, March 24 Strangie: Jimmy Kimmel: "Sandra Bullock, see what happens when you take an Oscar away from Meryl Streep."

Thursday, March 25 Strangie: Jimmy Kimmel: "Defense Secretary Robert Gates is changing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' to 'If He's Gay, Look Away'. Now the only place where gays can get thrown out is 'Project Runway.'"

Friday, March 26 Strangie: Jay Leno: "A new sex scandal is rocking the Catholic Church. Is it spring already?"

Monday, March 29 Strangie: Jimmy Fallon: "The first wedding was held at Citi Field. You could tell it was at Citi Field because no one caught the bouquet."

Tuesday, March 30 Strangie: Jay Leno: "The other big story is the policy of 'Don't Ask. Don't Tell.' But enough about the Vatican."

Wednesday, March 31 Strangie: David Letterman: "President Obama opened the whole East Coast to drilling. The West Coast will be taken care of by Jesse James."

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