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Being Strange in San Francisco's Castro

More Photos by Strange de Jim

June 2006

Here's the flag at Harvey Milk Plaza flying over Castro Street June 1.

Actor Michael Phillis (l) and director Andrew Nance at the June 3 opening of the return engagement of Michael's one-man coming-of-age show D*Face at the New Conservatory Theatre Center, 25 Van Ness, through June 24. It was a remarkable and very tight show. Click here for all about D*Face, and click here for the New Conservatory box office.

Here are supporters of Gubernatorial candidate Steve Westly outside the Cafe Flore election day, June 6.

And here's Steve Westly himself in the center in white shirt and tie.

On 18th Street near Castro, Svedka Vodka claims gay men still prefer Svedka over sex with women.

Svedka, named #1 vodka for 2033, also has the billboard over the Pride-decorated Cafe Flore, congratulating same-sex couples on 25 years of legally wedded bliss.

Since Jimmy Fallon left Saturday Night Live, he's moved to San Francisco and started sanding and finishing floors.

Here's my roomie Stephen, pleased after the initial sanding. Stephen paid for the job, and I oversaw the work. How did Jimmy do? I found him casual about arrival, but once he was here, and I got over the fact that he sounded and acted disturbingly like, well, Jimmy Fallon in dreds, it was fast excellent work.

"And," Stephen points out, "at a very reasonable price."

Jimmy is now calling himself Chris Allmond, at 415-724-6181.

Angelina Jolie announced she's adopting another baby, but hasn't decided among black, white or Asian. Conan O'Brien says she'll be spending the weekend looking at swatches.

Also on Conan, Jimmy Fallon, of all people, said it would be really embarrassing if Angelina accidentally adopted Jennifer Aniston, and Adam Sandler said before his baby came he'd been completely obsessed with himself, but now it was all the nanny.

Dave Letterman said it was so hot in L.A. that Angelina Jolie was nursing Ted Williams.

Jon Stewart: "The ocean. It's either something we crawled out of or something we were created three days later than."

Chelsea Handler: "I think I have very full lips, especially in these pants."

Dave Letterman: "Ann Coulter is blonde and single. Maybe somebody will fix her up with O.J."

Tina Fey has written an advice book for teenage girls: Your Mouth Can't Get Pregnant.

On June 23 a young fellow scientist poses for me at the Cafe Flore.

June 23 Return Trip to the de Young in Golden Gate Park

June 24 Back to de Castro

A huge pink triangle is always rolled out on Diamond Heights for Pride weekend. Here we can see it shining through the Saturday morning fog.

Walking past Ruby's Clay Studio & Gallery, 552-A Noe, between 18th & 19th, I experienced a spray of urinals by sculptor Clark Sorensen, in a show called "Flush"

Click for Clark's site


Ruby's site.

While visiting one of my favorite sites, neatorama.com, I found a link to the site of Nick Koudis Photography. This shot illustrates that hair never grows where you need it.

And this is the Sistine-Chapelesque "Grave Ceiling," which neatorama.com found on a site called Across-the-Board.

Sunday, June 25, Gay Pride Parade

Here I am ready to set out for the parade.

Celebrity Grand Marshal actress Jennifer Beals

Mayor Gavin Newsom

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Actor Leslie Jordan, now appearing locally in the play Like a Dog on Linoleum

Civic Center After the Parade

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