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Castro Photos, Funny Videos, Pictures & Late-Night-TV Zingers

by Strange de Jim

July 2011

Castro & Other Photos

This house on Noe St. decorated for the 4th of July.

On July 7 this memorial to Vicky Marlane was put up at 18th & Castro.

A few days later it was replaced by a memorial to Rico Mendez.

I loved this Polygamy Porter shirt I found at Out of the Closet.

Cafe Flore won an award.

And I loved this t-shirt.

Fun Videos

Dan Savage Googlebombed the word "Santorum." Now he threatens to do the same for the word "Rick" if Rick Santorum doesn't stop his anti-gay crusade. Click for video.

Harrison Ford has a tiff with Chewbacca.

Foster the People "Pumped Up Kicks"
If you stop before 1:07 this song may not play in your head for the rest of your life.

Here is all of "Harry Potter" in 7 minutes.

And here is all of "Harry Potter" in only 1 minute.

A kid reacts to his first gay couple.

Lady Gaga does "Edge of Glory" and 3 more songs on a stage outside "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Man Without a Facebook.

If Rupert Murdoch had never been born.

OK Go team up with Pilobolus.

From www.jasonlove.com

From Gregg Slapak: www.TeamSlapak.com

Sent by Cindy Morse

Quotes from Will Rogers:

Never squat while wearing your spurs.

Never slap a man who's chewing tobacco.

There are two theories about arguing with a woman. Neither works.

Never miss a good chance to shut up.

Always drink upstream from the herd.

Letting the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than putting it back.

When you're dissatisfied and would like to go back to your youth, think of algebra.

I don't know how I got over the hill without getting to the top.

From gay.com

From Neatorama.com

First, here are some tee-shirts, etc. from www.neatoshop.com.

Click for more natural wonders.

Click for more castles.

Click for more art installations.

Click for more art of fire.

Click for more hand art.

Click for

Click for more food trucks.

Tuesday, July 26 Strangie to Jay Leno: A whole town in South Dakota is for sale for $799,000. It has 12 acres, a saloon, a post office and 15 Starbucks.

Click for more on genderless school.

Click for banana goes gorilla video.

Click for secret of levitation trick.

Click for more prom dresses.

Click for more overdramatic signs.

Click for more photos of garden.

Click for more George Takei.

Click for more Victor Enrich.

From Facebook Friends

3 from Ann Groves










July's Daily Late-Night Oscars

July Strangies: Stewart 3, Leno 3, Fallon 3, Ferguson 3, Letterman 2, Kimmel 1
(I was on vacation July 1 - 10.)

Monday, July 11 Strangie to Jay Leno: Our Women's Soccer Team waxed the Brazilians in the World Cup.

Tuesday, July 12 Strangie to Jon Stewart: Wyatt Cenac, Senior Debt Correspondent: Republicans are job creationists. We know the rich create jobs. Democrats believe that jobs just EVOLVE from millions of years of stimulus packages.

Wednesday, July 13 Strangie to Craig Ferguson: On a roller coaster I love the way the wind whips through my hair. That's why I never wear pants.

Thursday, July 14 Strangie to Jon Stewart: If Social Security checks don't go out on August 3 it'll just be old people, and they'd just blow it on medicine and hips.

Friday, July 15 Strangie to Jimmy Fallon: Thank you, Arnold Schwarzenegger for starring in an upcoming western "The Last Stand." It'll probably be good for you to shoot some blanks for awhile.

Monday, July 18 Strangie to Craig Ferguson: It was so hot in Washington they had to put a fan on the debt ceiling.

Tuesday, July 19 Strangie to David Letterman: Top 10 things going through Rupert Murdoch's mind during the pie attack: 2. Don't pie me, bro!

Wednesday, July 20 Strangie to Jay Leno: A 22-year-old woman has a third nipple on the bottom of her foot. Bet that makes it really tricky to buy a bra.

Thursday, July 21 Strangie to Jon Stewart: Of all my issues with Michele Bachmann's brain, migraines don't even make the top 20.

Friday, July 22 Strangie to Jimmy Fallon: Thank you, libraries, for being a place to store all the old people we're not using anymore.

Monday, July 25 Strangie to Jimmy Kimmel: With all the costumes, Comic-Con is like a gay parade for people with no sexual orientation.

Tuesday, July 26 Strangie to Jay Leno: A whole town in South Dakota is for sale for $799,000. It has 12 acres, a saloon, a post office and 15 Starbucks.

Wednesday, July 27 Strangie to Jimmy Fallon guest Fran Lebowitz: Bipartisan politics is like anything else starting with "bi." That means you did it once.

Thursday, July 28 Strangie to David Letterman: Borders and other bookstores are closing. The problem is, they never recovered from Snooki's memoir.

Friday, July 29 Strangie to Craig Ferguson: "Cowboys and Aliens" is out today. Daniel Craig is a cowboy who fights the aliens with a hi-tech bracelet. He doesn't know how it got there. He just woke up one morning with a bracelet on his wrist. He's like a Wild West version of Lindsay Lohan.

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