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Castro Photos, Funny Videos, Pictures & Late-Night-TV Zingers

by Strange de Jim

January 2010


Castro Photos

Fred Kirkbride, owner with his hubby of Brand X Antiques, 550 Castro, died suddenly of a heart attack. The memorial service was held Jan. 30 at Sullivan's Funeral Home. He'll be greatly missed.


The Cafe Flore is ready for Chinese New Year.


My pal Andrew Nance is starring in "Doubt" at the New Conservatory Theatre. This poster is in the Castro Muni station. On Facebook Andrew asked us not to draw on him, but I always draw on him for inspiration.

Fun Videos

100 Single Ladies Flashdance


Comedian Anthony Jeselnik


AP Calculus Rap


200 Dancers at Depot


Opera in Market Sent by Dr. Bill McBride


Hayseed "Bohemian Rhapsody"


Jimmy Kimmel as Jay Leno


Mel Gibson Plays Jimmy Kimmel


Conan O'Brien's LaBamba in Popemobile at a pro-Conan rally
(Conan noted the bulletproof glass was for the crowd's protection)


SNL "Sergio" with Jon Hamm and Adam Samberg


Justin Timberlake "Hallelujah" at Haiti relief concert


Neil Patrick Harris "Nothing Suits Like a Suit"
(A hot girl had made him choose between her and wearing suits.)


Conan O'Brien on Craigslist

Conan put an ad on Craigslist asking for bids on the "barely used Tonight Show." He got lots of funny offers.

Then he put the following ad for himself under "Casual Encounters."
- 6'4", completely ripped, VERY Caucasian. - Drapes match the carpet. - Currently homeless, must meet at your place. - Can go a whole hour (with scheduled breaks every 7-10 minutes). - Fatties welcome. - Not afraid to take two people at once, and then a musical guest. - NOTE: If you want me to perform after midnight, it'll cost you!

Sent by Cindy Morse


Sent by Bill McBride


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Late-Night-TV Zingers

Winner Monday, January 4, David Letterman: "You're telling me someone in the Amsterdam airport can't handle a pair of exploding underwear? Isn't that what Amsterdam's all about?"

Winner Tuesday, January 5, David Letterman, who showed a photo of the new transgender appointee to the Dept. of Commerce, and announcer Alan "Big Red" Kalter jumped up and ran out, yelling, "Oh no! Amanda used to be a dude?"

Winner Wednesday, January 6, Conan O'Brien Celebrity Interview: "The claim that Warren Beatty slept with 12,000 women ..." Queen Elizabeth II: "Makes me feel less special."

Winner Thursday, January 7, Jimmy Kimmel: "One of Tiger's mistresses says she saw him having gay sex. This is not a gay Tiger [photo of Tiger Woods]. THIS is a gay tiger [photo of white tiger with Siegfried and Roy].

Winner Friday, January 8, Jay Leno: "The New Jersey State Senate turned down gay marriage. Didn't they just have a married gay man as governor?"

Extra Zingers winner Seth Meyers: "Octomom Doctor Sued: Who'd have thought a doctor could get into trouble for seeing how many babies he could squeeze into a crazy lady."

Winner Monday, January 11, David Letterman: "Once again I did not get the 'Tonight Show.'"

Winner Tuesday, January 12, Conan O'Brien: "Please, hold your applause. I may not have that much time."

Winner Wednesday, January 13, Conan O'Brien: "So, kids, you can do anything you want in life, unless Jay Leno wants to do it too."

Winner Thursday, January 14, Conan O'Brien: "While I can, while I still have the authority, I'm selling 'The Tonight Show' on Craigslist." This is real. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/clt/1551463643.html

Winner Friday, January 15, Conan O'Brien: "Tiger Woods is rumored to be in a sex rehab clinic. Actually he's checked into three clinics, but they don't know about each other."

Winner Monday, January 18, Conan O'Brien: Conan already put the "Tonight Show" up for sale on Craigslist. Now he's offered himself in the casual encounters section: "Tall, slender redhead available for nighttime recreation M4WW - 6'4", completely ripped, VERY Caucasian. - Drapes match the carpet. - Currently homeless, must meet at your place. - Can go a whole hour (with scheduled breaks every 7-10 minutes). - Fatties welcome. - Not afraid to take two people at once, and then a musical guest. - NOTE: If you want me to perform after midnight, it'll cost you!"

Winner Tuesday, January 19, Conan O'Brien: Guest Norm Macdonald brought on a gift basket he'd not delivered 7 months ago and read the card: "Congratulations, Conan, taking your place as the permanent host of 'The Tonight Show.' That's something that can never be taken away from you. In your new situation abysmal failure is not an option."

Winner Wednesday, January 20, Jay Leno: "Letterman's been going after me every night. You know how to get Letterman to ignore you? Marry him."

Winner Thursday, January 21, Jimmy Kimmel, who showed a brilliant video of "The Late Night War" as a Ken Burns documentary.

Winner Friday, January 22, Craig Ferguson: "On this show I get to meet my heroes. I feel like Derek Jeeter getting to meet Babe Ruth, or Mel Gibson getting to meet Hitler."

Winner Monday, January 25, Craig Ferguson: "Jay Leno is going on Oprah. I never thought I'd say this, but watch your back, Oprah."

Winner Tuesday, January 26, Jay Leno: "'Avatar' is like the sequel to 'Titanic.' Remember at the end of 'Titanic' when everyone turned blue?"

Winner Wednesday, January 27, Jimmy Kimmel: "Tiger Woods is in a sex rehab clinic in Mississippi. While his wife Elin is visiting him she's staying at Brett Favre's nearby ranch. So another interception for Brett."

Winner Thursday, January 28, Jimmy Kimmel: "It's been an Oprahwhelming day. Jay Leno went on to complain that he got his show back."

Winner Friday, January 29, Jay Leno: "Author J.D. Salinger died at 91 after an extremely long bout of teen angst. That joke was for me."

Winner Extras, January 29 - 31, Maria Bramford: "Let me illustrate the Middle East. Here's the church. Here's the mosque. Open the doors, and everybody's mad."

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