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San Francisco's Castro


January 2006

It's a gloomy New Year's Day, with flooding to the north.

The Dec. 26 all-you-can-eat reindeer barbeque was a big success at Magnet Health Center. Rudolph's nose tasted just like chicken, and I still have a warm glow in my tummy. Now I'm trying elf-help therapy.

January 3 I visited San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art, with stops at San Francisco Center and Metreon along the way. Click here to see all the photos.

I had a letter in S.F. Bay Times, 1/5/06: "Gift for Jay Leno":

Dear de Bay Times, Dame Edna called: “I hiked up Brokeback Mountain, Strangepossums, and crept out on Ledger Knob. The view from the very tip is lovely. Then I slipped into Gyllenhaal Ravine and slid all the way to the bottom!” Dame E. was on The Tonight Show Dec. 23 in a dress that looked like a Christmas tree: “And there just may be a present under here for you, Jay Leno!” Beep beep! Love, Strange de Jim.

Bree and her son Andrew


Jan. 8 on the season opener of Desperate Housewives, Bree, looking out the window, sees her son Andrew kissing his boyfriend Justin. The next morning she finds them naked in bed. At the end of the show they have another passionate kiss. I think it's the first time I've ever seen two guys who weren't ashamed kissing on network tv.

Here's photographer Dan Nicoletta, main keeper of Harvey Milk's legacy and provider of many photos for my photo history San Francisco's Castro, at Cafe Flore Monday, January 9.

The Rainbow Flag at Castro and Market is so seldom limp that I snapped this photo.

The Skin Zone, which has operated for thirty years at 575 Castro on the site of Harvey Milk's old camera store, is going to internet-only. The shelves are nearly bare.

And another skin care products store, Nancy Boy on Market between Castro and Noe, is moving to 347 Hayes. See www.nancyboy.com.

I've always enjoyed Nancy Boy's slogan: "Tested on boyfriends - not animals."

To offset these closings, a wonderful new Asian fusion restaurant named Malacca has opened at 4039 18th Street, between Hartford and Noe. It's been getting excellent reviews, including my own. See www.malaccasf.com..

January 11 I toured the Ferry Building, the Hyatt Embarcadero and the Crocker Galleria. For photos click here.

Cafe Flore is having a benefit Full Moon Contest with a $100 prize for the best butt. Line forms to the rear.

Christopher Caen

San Francisco Examiner, Christopher Caen’s column, 1/13/06 (after a paragraph about whether author JT LeRoy is a fraud): Strange de Jim vehemently states that he is not JT LeRoy. But he does know where Elvis is.

Dan Nicoletta treated me to Capote and then dinner at Max's Opera Plaza. Here are the Opera Plaza lights.

I like these two Victorians on Hill Street, between Castro and Noe.

Here's the view from a condo for sale at 180 Corwin Street. See www.mcguire.com.

I like the spiral ramp on Portola around 24th.

And the flag is flying proudly again on Jan. 23.

On Jan. 24 it's much windier.

Here's the new Queen Malika Cafe on 18th between Eureka and Douglass.

A peek in Queen Malika's door.

On the corner of 18th and Douglass is the new Off the Beading Path.

Friday, Jan. 27, I find the Cafe Flore has gone all Chinese New Year.

Here's a shot from November of Michael Brownstone dressed as Batman, picking up Catwoman Julie Newmar at SFO in a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. They proceeded to the Pacific Heights mansion of her brother, Dr. John Newmeyer, for a fundraiser to collect the $15,000 application fee to get Miss Julie a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (For photos of that party click here.)

Brownstone gave me the photo Jan. 27 at Harvey's, where he and John Newmeyer told me that a second fundraising party in L.A. was so successful they've already submitted the application to get Miss Julie her star on the Walk of Fame. Yay!

Here's my old pal Bob M. clapping at the Cove Cafe's party to introduce its three new screens, which will show the thousands of photos donated by customers over the past quarter century. And if I could spell "hors d’oeuvres," I'd tell you how delicious they were.

Here's Bob's husband, Phil D. at the party.

Here I am in the middle of Bob and Phil at their domestic partner commitment ceremony at City Hall in 1999.

And here I am next to the front video screen, which is above a cute waiter and his friend. Mayor Gavin Newsome and the State Assembly both sent proclamations honoring The Cove for showing these historical photos.

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