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Castro Photos, Funny Videos, Pictures & Late-Night-TV Zingers

by Strange de Jim

February 2011

Castro (and other) Photos

The Cafe Flore gets ready for the Chinese Year of de Rabbit.

So does IXIA on Market Street. Can you figure out how the reflection works?

Here's a shot from the doorway.

The Rainbow Flag in Harvey Milk Plaza.

It looks like City Hall is getting ready for something pretty gay.

The statue 3 Heads 6 Arms is being dismantled for shipment back to China.

Magnet STD Clinic on 18th near Castro

Fun Videos

Jimmy Kimmel Oscar Show
(He has access to all the stars from the Kodak Theater across the street.)

Tom Hanks as a stage dad for a baby sex pageant. A real surprise ending.


"The President's Speech" with George Bush & Mike Tyson. Unbelievable.


Hottie Body Hump Club


Jay Leno's Ross Matthews flirts with the players at the Super Bowl. Unbelievable.


Four thugs vs. one feisty old lady.


An anti-bullying flash mob.


Jimmy Kimmel on the Harry Baals controversy.


Ozzy Osbourne & Justin Bieber in Super Bowl ad
(The kid with the wispy beard at the end is also Justin Bieber.)


Jeff Altman on David Letterman cracked me up.


A gay Levi's ad


A French McDonald's gay ad


An hilarious school answering machine.

EMBED-Hilarious School Answering Machine - Watch more free videos.

SNL Seth Meyers and Stefon on Valentine's Day


SNL Seth Meyers Weekend Update


Catwoman Julie Newmar asked me to share with you this video a friend made for her. Enjoy.


From Jasonlove.com

Sent by Cindy Morse

From Neatorama.com

First, here are some tee-shirts, etc. from www.neatoshop.com.

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The #1s of the Top 10 Late-Night-TV Zingers
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February Strangies

February Strangies: Letterman 6, Fallon 4, Leno 4, Ferguson 2, Kimmel 2, O'Brien 2

Tuesday, February 1 Strangie to Jimmy Kimmel: Egyptian President Murabak says he'll leave in 5 years and then hand the job off to Conan.

Wednesday, February 2 Strangie to
Jay Leno: Someone claimed  to TMZ that Britney Spears used a stand-in for some of the dance scenes in her new video. People don't care about that. They just want to know if she did her own lip-syncing.

Thursday, February 3 Strangie to
Jimmy Fallon: Egyptian President Mubarak's son Gamal will not run for President. Why would he? An unpopular President is removed from office and his inexperienced son is voted in? That could never happen.

Friday, February 4 Strangie to
David Letterman: A zoo in Britain has a gorilla that walks upright. Not only that, but he texts while he's doing it. I heard about this. Within ten minutes we had fifty jokes, all with the same punch line. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Monday, February 7 Strangie to
Jimmy Fallon: Mattel is releasing Barbie dolls based on the TV show "Dynasty." So if you like TV shows from the '80s and you still like Barbie dolls, I'm Chris Hansen from "Dateline NBC."

Tuesday, February 8 Strangie to
Jimmy Fallon: Prince William's nightclub owner friend is said to be planning a wild bachelor party. It must be weird stuffing a bill in a stripper's g-string when it has a picture of your grandmother on it.

Wednesday, February 9 Strangie to
Jay Leno: President Obama had lunch with Republican leaders at the White House today and had to do without salt, pepper and butter. Not for dietary reasons. The Republicans refused to pass anything.

Thursday, February 10 Strangie to Conan O'Brien: Representative Chris Lee was forced to resign after sending a shirtless picture of himself to a woman on Craigslist. On the bright side, he DID surprise his wife for Valentines Day.

Friday, February 11 Strangie to Craig Ferguson: Justin Bieber is Canadian. And so is Celine Dion. And so is William Shatner. Which is causing me to wonder, are we guarding the wrong border? Maybe we need two fences.

Monday, February 14 Strangie to Craig Ferguson: In Egypt it was the first weekend without Hosni Mubarak, who had to step down because of the sexy picture of him on the internet. Let's see the picture. Oh, Cleofatra. Nice tuts.

Tuesday, February 15 Strangie to Jimmy Kimmel: First of all, the dogs at the Westminster Show are being objectified. They're being paraded around like they're a bunch of human women, which isn't right.

Wednesday, February 16 Strangie to Jimmy Fallon: Charlie Sheen said Lindsay Lohan should work on her impulse control. That's like the pot calling the kettle to buy pot.

Thursday, February 17 Strangie to David Letterman: Now Charlie Sheen's giving advice to Lindsay Lohan. That's like Lindsay Lohan giving advice to Charlie Sheen. Friday, February 18 Strangie to David Letterman: Yoko Ono is 78 today. She celebrated by breaking up the Jonas Brothers.

Monday , February 21 Strangie to David Letterman: All over the world there are uprisings against ruthless dictators who've abused their power. The one who should be really worried right now is Leno.

Tuesday, February 22 Strangie to Conan O'Brien: According to the Census Bureau, New York's famous Little Italy is now home to zero Italians. So by law the neighborhood is now ready for an Olive Garden.

Wednesday, February 23 Strangie to Jay Leno: There's a ballot proposition in San Francisco to ban circumcision. A poll shows 100% of newborn males support the ban.

Thursday, February 24 Strangie to David Letterman: On "American Idol" Jennifer Lopez broke down crying and said, "I can't do this anymore." That's the same thing I say every night. And they were real tears. Some people thought they were fake, but I said, "No, she can't act."

Friday, February 25 Strangie to Jay Leno: In Beverly Hills gas stations are selling by the gram. In Vegas gas is so expensive guys are hiring hookers just to siphon. Overnight, gas prices went up six and a half cents, and CBS went down "Two and a Half Men."

Monday, February 28 Strangie to David Letterman: Here's the Charlie Sheen career recap. Accidentally shoots his then-fiance Kelly Preston. Not a problem. Threatens to kill his 1st wife. Not a problem. Locks an hysterical porn star in the closet of a hotel room he's trashed. Not a problem. Makes fun of his producers. He's fired!


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