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San Francisco's Castro


(Including Peter Berlin's opening and a Cockettes Salon)

February & March 2006

I love this house on 14th Street between Castro and Noe.

I've always liked this house on the corner of 18th and Hattie.

And this house on upper Market Street.

We're on Grand View where it runs into Market.

From the park on 19th between Collingwood and Diamond we can see the mural on the back of the Rec Center, the flag at Castro and Market, and the top of the front of the Castro Theatre.

Whoa, this is a jaunt out of the neighborhood to a party in Oakland, where a new housing development is going in.

Here's the party as the moon rises.

Here's gay icon Peter Berlin when he and I lived three blocks apart in the early 1970s. I think actor Cal Culver introduced us. I remember once when Peter took me to his apartment to show me something how impressed I was by his Old World courtesy and dignity.

Over the years we've run into each other occasionally at parties or on the street.

I ran into Peter at the opening of Hush Up, Sweet Charlotte last summer, and he was as sweet as ever. I took this photo in the Castro just after I got my digital camera in November. Both times he was dressed conservatively.

Then in the January 13, 2006, New York Times I saw a rave review for "a superb documentary," That Man: Peter Berlin. Click for review.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a big article on him February 13. Click for article.

Opening night January 17 at the Castro Theatre.

Here are Rumi of the original Cockettes and designer Billy Bowers arriving for the opening. Here's a photo by David Wise of Rumi in the 1970s as Maxine in Elevator Girls in Bondage.

The poster in front of the Castro.

Here's Peter, age 63, before the opening, wearing a T-shirt with a drawing of him by Tom of Finland. I hope I still look this good when I'm ... Oh, I am. Oh well.

Peter entering the theater.

Click for the That Man: Peter Berlin site.

Click for Peter Berlin's site.

The movie was astonishing.

As the sign on Magnet Health Center on 18th Street shows, it's the week for big hairy gay men in the Castro.

Above we saw Rumi Missabu of the Cockettes at Peter Berlin's opening. Here's Rumi Sunday, Feb. 26, hosting a salon for Cockette art work.

Here's my friend Brian at the salon.

I liked this photo of Mrs. Vera by Bill Bowers.

Here's Mrs. Vera shimself at the salon, posing before shis portrait.

I lked this drawing also. Click for Rumi's site with other art work.

The beginning of March has been rainy. Here's a shot from Noe just north of 18th just after a storm.

March 7 I made another trip to the Museum of Modern Art for the Calder exhibit. I was amazed they didn't show any of his mobile phones. Click here for photos.

Besides all the Victorians the Castro has Art Deco buildings such as this one on 18th at Danvers.

And this one on 19th at Eureka.

In this shot from Upper Terrace we can barely see the new de Young Museum poking up over the trees right in the center of Golden Gate Park.

This is the left mural on the Harvey Milk Adademy on 19th and Collingwood.

Here's the center mural.

And this is the right.

If you want to buy me a house, this one at 15 Seward has panoramic views and a swimming pool and hot tub in the living room.

Here I am St. Patrick's Day in front of the Cafe Flore's sign advertising their Erin Go Bra-Less party.

And here I am inside. The mug above the clock says, "Happy St. Patrick's Day."

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