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Castro Street Fair

October 3, 2010
by Strange de Jim


It was chilly and overcast for much of the day, but the streets were still packed. Here we're looking north from 18th St. on the east side of Castro.

crowd a

Below we see the west side of Castro.

crowd c

Below we're looking south on Castro from 18th.

crowd b

Below we're looking east down Market St. from Castro.

mkt st

On Castro at Market.

bar boys

On Castro near 19th.

art a

On Castro near 19th


The fellow in the center is Allan Baird, close associate of Harvey Milk, who's promoting a gay Hollywood Walk of Fame type thing for Castro Street.

allan baird

The silver man below was dancing and dancing.

silver dancer

The fellow in the center is Scott Wiener, of all people.

scott wiener

Ring toss on Market Street

ring toss

Famous photographer Steven Underhill


Bruce Beaudette


Jon Sugar, head of GAWK (Gay Artist & Writers' Kollective)

jon sugar

I spot my pal Tom Boyer to the left of the white tent.

acrobat tom

Tom's clapping for the acrobats.


They're quite good.

acrobat shoulders acrobats hands

That's my friend Marc Huestis in the red shirt and leather jacket and cap. He produces shows with personal appearances by iconic movie stars at the Castro Theatre.

huestis a

Here's an item about Marc in Leah Garchik's column in the Oct. 6 S.F. Chronicle: Impresario Marc Huestis, who produced an evening with Tony Curtis at the Castro in 2008, says the star's visit to the Bay Area for that event was memorable. When Curtis and his wife, Jill, took a ferry to Angel Island, Curtis amused fellow passengers by tap-dancing in his wheelchair.

At the Castro after the program, "I will always remember him holding my hand," says Huestis, "looking into my eyes and saying, 'Thank you.' Not many people do that."
The star was so pleased with Huestis' montage of film clips that later he hired him to create a 19-minute film collage of his life. Huestis, used to dealing with finicky stars and staff, says the Curtis team was as nice as the star himself. The video was shown at Curtis' funeral.

Marc is posing for a photographer to my left.

huestis b

Marc notices a cutie to his right and asks him to pose with his friends.

huestic c

Marc (left) snaps the photo.

huestis d

Mr. Cutie takes a picture of Marc.

huestis cutie

And Marc takes a photo of me. It's the circle of life.

huestis of me

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