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Castro Photos, Late-Night-TV Zingers & Funny Pictures

by Strange de Jim

December 2006

Click here to design a seal such as the one above for yourself for free. This particular design is called a "blivet." I call it a tuning fork for going "om."

Bay Area Reporter "Out There" column, 11/30/06: Strange de Jim comments, "It's ironic that Kramer v. Kramer perfectly describes Michael Richards' attempts to explain his racist rant!" (For more of my quips from various columns, click here.)

Christmas Tree Lighting, Harvey Milk Plaza, 11/29/06

A crowd of about 500 turned out for the lighting of the Christmas tree at Castro and Market. I was standing next to Dan Nicoletta, who told me that in January we can all go to City Hall, look at the samples, and vote for the sculptor to be given the commission for a bust of Harvey Milk.

When the speaker asked who was into discipline, this kid raised his hand.

The Gay Men's Chorus sang in Santa hats.

The ubiquitous Brian was there.

And a guy in Nutcracker costume.

Here's the lit tree.

And here's emcee Donna Sachet in front of the lit tree.

Late Night Humor

A supermodel guest told Jay Leno she slipped on a wet floor and her arms and legs went in the air, so Jay threw the water from his cup on the floor.

On Craig Ferguson John Waters said he doesn't like being touched by strangers in a nonsexual way.

On The Daily Show Nathan Lane told Jon Stewart that the play he's in, Butley, "is not gay porn, like Shaving Ryan's Privates and A Fistful of Harold."

Jay Leno's "Headlines" had a grocery ad for "menacemeat pies" and a headline "Search and Rescue Dog Lost."

Jimmy Kimmel reported that Oprah was changing a boy baby on her show, and he peed in her eye: "You don't pee on a billionaire unless you're that baby or Melinda Gates." Jimmy also said Angelina Jolie is willing to sit down with Jennifer Aniston. "See, Middle East!"

The Daily Show reported on the Holocaust Denial Summit meeting in Iran. A group of Nazis was there, and while they didn't admit the Holocaust had happened, they did publish a book: If the Holocaust Had Happened, Here's How We'd Have Done It.

Dave Letterman said that in the new movie Rocky climbs into the ring and then can't remember what he came in there for. On Donald Trump's giving the disgraced Miss U.S.A. a second chance: "You can't overestimate the American male's compassion for a slutty drunk." Also, "Scientists have found the world's smallest vertebrate. It was honeymooning with Katie Holmes."

Jay Leno said the L.A. Diocese was paying $60,000,000 to 45 children who'd been molested. "It's their new policy of leaving the child's behind."

Craig Ferguson: "Women always say what they want in a man is a sense of humor. Yeah, rich guys must be hilarious."

For very peculiar reasons, Conan O'Brien now has a web site called HornyManatee.com that's getting millions of visitors.

From Neatorama.com

To create a Disneyland sign with your own message on it, click here.

Around The Neighborhood

This is the colorful new Indonesian shop on the corner of 18th and Hartford.

This house is on Castro near 14th Street.

The house at 218 Eureka Street won the Merchants of Upper Market and Castro Christmas design competition.

We're on Noe a few steps from 24th Street.

Sad news was the passing of Jessica Clark, a person of transgender who'd worked in the Castro for many years, most recently at Skin Zone until it closed.

The memorial was in the traditional spot at Castro and 18th Street.

The Cafe Flore Santa is lounging out front again.

The Grinch is reigning over things inside.

"I'm too pretty to work." One of the servers at the Flore shares my philosophy.

Here's an angel at the counter.

I love the sunglasses on the nearer soldier.

Someone left this dog on a tree stump outside the health center on 17th St.

Here's a side view.

I was just realizing what a cleaning nut I am. I bought this Christmas-tree-size bottle of Fabulous All-Purpose Cleaner for $1.99 when I moved into my present apartment in 1979, and it's already half gone.

These penguins are living outside MaxMuscle at Noe and Market. The sign asks us not to feed the birds, or steal them.

These LaRouche followers want to impeach Bush and Cheney.

That's www.LaRouchePAC.com.

More from Neatorama.com

I saw the work of photographer Jill Greenberg on neatorama and went to her site, where I found these three photos. Her site is www.manipulator.com.

"Death by Cotton Candy" below is also by Daniela Edburg.

From my pal Cindy Morse


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