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San Francisco's Castro


December 2005

And now it's the holidays. All the palm trees on Market Street have red ribbons.

Here's the Castro tree at the corner of 18th and Castro.

As usual, Delancey Street Foundation is selling trees at the corner of Market and Noe.

The Cafe Flore has gone from autumn leaves to Christmas, inside ...

...and out.

Merchants have their holiday sign on the Bank of America at 18th and Castro.

Sunday, 12/4/05, a little stroll at dusk down the west side of Castro Street from 19th to 18th.

From Herb Caen's column in the San Francisco Chronicle, 12/18/79: Only in S.F. No. 8576, as overheard by Strange de Jim: "Oh wow, you should see the beautiful Christmas tree in the window of the porno store!"

And in 2005 ...

Monday, 12/5/05, sunset from Kite Hill.

We can see car lights and streetlights streaming down Market Street.

Cropping out just the Castro Theatre, Market Street and downtown.

Friday, December 9, 2005

This house is on Castro just north of 14th Street.

Not Christmassy, but this is the slide on Seward Street, just below Kite Hill.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

For exercise I walk down Market Street past the Flax art store and all the way to Van Ness and ...

City Hall.

On the way back I cut over to the new little park on the brand new Octavia Boulevard, just around the corner and up a couple blocks from ...

the GLBT Center on Market Street.

Now it's evening, and here I am in the limo on the way to the annual Christmas party of literary agents Michael Larsen and Elizabeth Pomada.

I walk up Powell.

I pop into the St. Francis for a peek at their tree. It's nothing like the old days when it was in the main lobby.

The tree in Union Square is nice. Oh, there's my limo.

Victoria's Secret turns Powell Street into Amsterdam West.

Ah, the virginal white door of the Women's Club at Sutter and Mason ...

With his impeccable sense of timing, author Herb Gold is saying good-bye to our hostess, Elizabeth Pomada, as I enter. Herb and I catch up. His sons Ari and Ethan will be appearing in The Honey Brothers Band at The Great American Music Hall Tuesday. Be there or be oval.

I spot some interesting people, so head, of course, straight for ...

the spread.

Our host, Michael Larsen, is drumming away. I mingle and enjoy myself immensely.

Back in the neighborhood ...

I pop into Cliff's just to check.

Yes, they're still selling my photo history of the Castro. All's right with the world.

Sunday, December 11, 2005 (Day)

In a little stroll down 16th Street I come up beside Mission Dolores.

Across the street is another church, Russian I think. I forgot to check.

Here's the front of Mission Dolores with the original white church to the left.

While on the third corner is Congregation Sha'ar Zahav. What is it about this spot that attracts churches as though they were Starbucks?

Sunday, December 11 (Evening), and Monday, December 12, 2005

My roomie Stephen and I see the movie that's getting all the best picture, best director and best actor nominations and awards.

Click to climb Brokeback Mountain with us.

Wednesday, December 14

On Caselli Street I enjoy the old Christmas-bulb-in-the-bear's-ear decoration.

Here's the window of De Sole shoe store on 18th near Castro.

Below we see me with roomie Stephen (left) and friend Tom at home on Christmasday.

I'm surprised Santa was so generous to me, since I fell well into the "naughty" range on the meter.

The day after Christmas I stuff myself at the reindeer barbeque at Magnet Health Center on 18th near Castro. Rudolph's nose tastes just like chicken, and I still have a nice warm comfy glow in my tummy.

The funniest card I got this year was from Bob Meslinsky and Phil Diers, showing George W. Bush being naturally confused.

The Cafe Flore wishes us "Happy New Year." And it's off to 2006.

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