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San Francisco's Castro

Peter Berlin's Opening

February 17, 2006

by Strange de Jim

Other San Francisco narcissists have been forgetting themselves over Peter Berlin since the early 1970s.

I met Peter in those early 1970s before he made That Boy, the movie that made him famous. I think actor Cal Culver introduced us. I remember once when Peter took me to his apartment to show me something, how impressed I was by his Old World courtesy and dignity. Then I went to see That Boy at a little theater on Polk St. near Broadway, and he had me at the opening credits. "Written by Peter Berlin. Directed by Peter Berlin. Starring Peter Berlin, Photography by Peter Berlin. Accountant Peter Berlin." I don't like to brag, but Peter was almost as self-obsessed as the person writing this, not to mention any names.

I ran into Peter from time to time over the years. I talked with him at the opening of the play Hush Up, Sweet Charlotte last summer, and he was as sweet as ever. I took this photo in the Castro just after I got my digital camera in November, 2005.

Then in the January 13, 2006, New York Times, I saw a rave review for a "superb documentary" That Man: Peter Berlin. Click for review.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a big article on him February 13. Click for article.

February 17, 2006, here's Peter, age 63, wearing a T-shirt with a Tom of Finland drawing of himself, before his own poster, before ...

saunterring into his own opening.

The movie? It captures the real man I've casually known. I emerged amazed.

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