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Castro Photos, Funny Videos, Pictures & Late-Night-TV Zingers

by Strange de Jim

August 2010


Castro (and other) Photos

August 4. Here's the crowd that gathered at Castro & Market to celebrate the judge's ruling that gay marriage cannot be prohibited. However, marriages won't resume until the appeal process has ended.
Gay marriage crowd

City Treasurer Jose Cisneros is pointing me out to Supervisor Bevan Dufty. Bevan, however, seems to be fixated on the possible husband to my right.
Cisneros & Dufty

Here are some baby onesies in Kard Zone on Market Street, which unfortunately has gone out of business. However, the onesies can be ordered from http://www.ohbabytrends.com/.
diaper loading iPood

This plaque honoring Leonard Matlovitch has been placed on the apartment building on the corner of Castro & 18th St.

Leah Garchik's column, San Francisco Chronicle, 8/31/10: Congrats to all the keen-eyed passersby who saw the marquee at the Castro Theatre over the weekend, featuring Marilyn Monroe in "Ho to Marry a Millionaire."
ho to marry a millionaire

And here's a selfless citizen at the Noe Street Farmer's Market who, as his tee says, reads porn to the blind.
read porn to the blind

Fun Videos

I was shocked. Ten seconds later I gasped. Be sure there's no liquid in your mouth if you dare to watch this.
finger special spot

81-year-old sweethearts

The Red Army version of Michael Jackson's "Beat It"

Here's Craig Ferguson doing the famous dance from "Flashdance"

Watch a deer steal a man's wife.

Jimmy Fallon, the cast of "Glee" and lots of stars in the Emmy opener.

Jimmy Fallon as three singers at the Emmys. Really good.

Funny gay protest signs.

Jimmy Kimmel interviews Levi Johnston

Jimmy Kimmel becomes Levi Johnston's campaign manager for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska

Jimmy Kimmel in "The Expendables"

Jimmy Kimmel has Billy Dee Williams sell commemorative plates of Mel Gibson rants.

Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" done on the carillon at Iowa State University.

Mikey Day & Trevor Moore on Jay Leno

Rubik's Cube Head

Sex with ducks

Wife knows/doesn't know

Sent by Cindy Morse

From Jason Love
jason love buxom
jason love gambler's anonymous

On Facebook & Twitter

One friend sent a funny bumper sticker: May the fetus you save turn out to be gay.

wendy 3

From Neatorama.com

First, here are some tee-shirts, etc. from www.neatoshop.com.

aero one airfork one amperbearsand arch enemy

bad chewie be one with couch bomb tech brainier bear
chicken eggs date absolute zero gene pool chlorine gnomeland
extreme math drag queen

half full glass lando
hollywood rules dog years laughs last hokey instructor
pick nose cups pirate constant nagging reality check bounced
ohm rumble stocktweeto ergo sum  egyptianfish

amish teen chase

astronaut carving
Click for carving story.

Click for aerial views of Manhattan.

augmented reality
Click for augmented reality story.

pizza oven


bermuda triangle

bike shop sign

cars thru bus

china traffic

tattoo translation

crunched billboard

dead google girl

flt attendant quits

slater slide

slater tribute

Click for more Slater tributes.

personal slide

i quit
Click for more ways to quit.

flower power
Click here to try flowering yourself.

hubby marring on fb

Indian pole dancing
Click for pole dancing video.


hay baler jumper
Click to watch the hay baler video.

mobius strip bldg

switched at birth

telling swiss secrets
Click for the Swiss banking story.


union hires non union

union man fired for organizing

useful sign

Late-Night-TV Zingers
For the best few each day follow me on Twitter: @strangedejim

Monday, August 2 Strangie to Jay Leno: "The Amish population has increased by 10%. No. That's just people who had their electricity turned off and their cars repossessed."

Tuesday, August 3 Strangie to David Letterman:"Sarah Palin said Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had the 'cojones' to do what Obama wouldn't. Hearing her say 'cojones,' Brewer had Palin deported."

Wednesday, August 4 Strangie to Jimmy Kimmel: "Republicans are trying to block President Obama's 49th birthday."

Thursday, August 5 Strangie to David Letterman: "President Obama went on 'The View,' and Sarah Palin criticized him for pulling a cheap media stunt. Then she went camping on TV with Kate Gosselin."

Friday, August 6 Strangie to Jimmy Fallon:"Siegfried and Roy have been accused of making sexual advances to male assistants. The oddest thing is that they call their tigers 'assistants.'"

Monday, August 9 Strangie to  Jimmy Fallon: "The Statue of Liberty is closing for 9 months for the installation of a 2nd staircase. But I heard boob job."

Tuesday, August 10 Strangie to   Jimmy Kimmel: "If Levi Johnston becomes Mayor of Wasilla he'll be the second-most-incompetent politician in Alaska. He's running on the platform 'I Will Get You Pregnant.'"

Wednesday, August 11 Strangie to Jimmy Kimmel: "Maybe LeBron James went to Miami to become Jewish. 'Get me a pair of garden shears. We have a hell of a circumcision here.'"

Thursday, August 12  Strangie to Jimmy Kimmel: "Our next guest is to Sarah Palin what voicemail is to Mel Gibson. Here's Levi Johnston."

Friday, August 13  Strangie to Craig Ferguson: "Schwarzenegger did the movie because he thought 'The Expendables' was about teachers in California."

Sunday, August 15  Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff: Whitney Cummings: "I bought one of David Hasselhoff's albums on Amazon.com. It said, 'People who bought this also bought ... a shotgun.'"

Monday, August 16  Strangie to Jon Stewart: John Oliver on freedom to build the mosque: "Can you build a Catholic church next to a playground? Yes. But should you?"

Tuesday, August 17  Strangie to Jimmy Kimmel: "Steven Slater has about 30 media offers. Quick, get that flight attendant a pilot."

Wednesday, August 18  Strangie to Stephen Colbert: "What's wrong with Brett Favre's family? Every time he spends 10 minutes with them he decides he'd rather be crushed under 300-lb. linemen."

Thursday, August 19  Strangie to Jon Stewart trying to talk Jennifer Aniston into moving back to New York: "There's an old Burlington Coat Factory you could fix up."

Friday, August 20 all shows in reruns. 

Monday, August 23  Strangie to Jon Stewart: "The Parent Company Trap:" Jon showed clips of Fox News saying the Kingdom Foundation funding the Ground Zero mosque is run by an America-hating terrorist, but not mentioning he is Rupert Murdoch's partner and part owner of Fox News. Is Fox News stupid or evil? Wyatt Cenac wore a shirt marked "Team Evil" and said that if they hadn't known, they would have splashed the man's name all over the story. John Oliver had a shirt marked "Team Stupid" and showed a clip of a Fox Newswoman not knowing the word "ignoramus," googling the definition, and still getting it wrong. Wyatt Cenac: "If they're not evil, they're really, really stupid." John Oliver: "And if they're not stupid, they're really, really evil."

Tuesday, August 24  Strangie to Stephen Colbert: "The Middle East is a powder keg hooked up to a time bomb on the edge of a cliff that's not wearing a condom."

Wednesday, August 25  Strangie to Stephen Colbert: "King Tut's penis was there in 1922, but it was missing in 1968. Some thought it was appropriated by the Nixon administration, but that wrinkled mass of flesh turned out to be Henry Kissinger. Stay tuned for 'King Tut's Penis, Part 2: The Res-Erection.'"

Thursday, August 26  Strangie to Chelsea Handler: "'American Idol'? I miss the old days when we picked out singers by who was best at going down on Clive Davis."

Friday, August 27: All shows in reruns.

Special Sunday, August 29,  Emmys Strangie to Ricky Gervais: "No, I'm not going to say anything about Mel Gibson. He's been through a lot. Not as much as the Jews ..." 

Monday, August 30 Strangie to Jay Leno: "The Air Guitar World Championships were held over the weekend. In keeping with tradition, the winner was a loser."

Tuesday, August 31 Strangie to David Letterman: "Paris Hilton has been charged with possessing not an ounce of common sense."


For the best few each day follow me on Twitter: @strangedejim


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