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San Francisco's Castro

More Photos by Strange de Jim

(Including Charles Busch's opening, Easter, and fatal car crash and fire on Castro Street)

April 2006

San Francisco Chronicle, Leah Garchik's column, 4/3/06: As to the mildewy month of March, Strange de Jim complains that “scientists didn’t warn us about global wetting.”

Friday, April 14, was the opening at the Castro Theatre of the documentary The Lady in Question is Charles Busch.

Charles is the author and star of such theater and film classics as Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, Psycho Beach Party and Die Mommie Die.

See www.charlesbusch.com.

Here's Charles in The Lady in Question.

And here's Charles with two hunks in Die Mommie Die.

Charles wrote (though he didn't appear in) the Broadway smash The Tale of the Allergist's Wife, based on his own family experiences. He also adapted for Broadway Taboo, produced by Rosie O'Donnell and starring Boy George.

This is the display outside the Castro Theatre.

The film was fascinating, and afterwards Charles and friends answered questions. Left to right are directors John Catania and Charles D. Ignacio, actress Julie Halston and Charles Busch.

Charles Busch.

In the crowd were author Armistead Maupin (right) and his lover Christopher Turner.

Armistead pulled Christopher in for a better shot, but it was so dark I couldn't see where I was aiming, and then the flash did weird things. We'll pretend it's arty.

Another first-niter was Stefan Smith, who puts the "Dolce" in La Dolce Vita.

Meanwhile, Out in the Real World

San Francisco Examiner, Christopher Caen’s column, 4/14/06: But back to the rain. Because, after all, what other subject is there? Strange de Jim checks in with relief that the rain seems to be tapering off. He e-mailed in, “Not that we’ll need it, of course, but do you know how to build an ark?” You think Home Depot knows how to cut lumber by the cubit? And around here getting two of each animal could turn out to be very interesting."

David Letterman, who just turned 59, said
1. President Bush, who's also 59, now has to get up several times during the night to leak classified information.

2. In the new Ten Commandments Moses parts two cowboys.

3. The weather's so nice in New York that Page Six columnists are extorting celebrities in the park..

4. It's tax time, and Bush is writing off his entire second term

Count on a good night's sleep.

Found on neatorama.com

And Back in the Neighborhood for Easter

It's Happy Easter! at de Cafe Flore, and then off to the Eureka Valley Rec Center for the show..

Photo by my roommate Stephen

Photo by my roommate Stephen

Photo by my roommate Stephen

San Francisco Chronicle, Leah Garchik's column, 4/18/06: [After six weeks of nearly solid rain]: Strange de Jim e-mailed on Friday afternoon: “It’s clouding up. Hopefully, the terrible one-day drought is over.”

Strange also stayed up late enough to hear baseball fan Billy Crystal on David Letterman’s show, commenting on a syringe being tossed into the outfield where Barry Bonds was playing “Why reward him?” asked Crystal. “They didn’t punish the tiger by throwing Roy back into the cage.”

San Francisco Examiner, Christopher Caen’s column, 4/21/06: After reading about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ new baby, Strange de Jim quickly shot off an e-mail simply stating, “Who’s Suri now?” Ouch.

Here's a Victorian I like on 17th Street, between another Victorian and an Art Deco building.

April 27th started out as a beautiful warm day with flowers in bloon outside the Cafe Flore.

But this S.F. Chronicle photo shows the scene just before 7 p.m. on Castro Street when a driver heading south on Castro lost control and broadsided a car turning into the parking lot next to the Castro Theatre, killing that driver and setting off fires and explosions that burned seven cars and a motorcycle, and damaged the front of Cliff's Hardware. The original driver was seriously injured.

Click for more Chronicle photos.

This was the scene when I got there a few minutes later, alerted by the sirens and huge cloud of smoke.

Here's part of the crowd on Castro between 18th and 19th watching the firefighters work.

Here's Cliff's the next morning, Friday..

Here's one of two news crews back on the scene.

Here's the first memorial where the fatality occurred.

Saturday morning's Chronicle said the driver of the car that went out of control had no alcohol in his blood and said he'd had a seizure. The heartening part was the story of the heroism of Dane Johnsten, a familiar homeless man, who pulled the driver of the car that was hit out the passenger door of the burning vehicle. Click for the Chronicle story.

Here's the memorial a few days later.

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