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Photos and captions by Strange de Jim unless noted

Here's Brownstone as Batman, picking up Catwoman, Mz. Julie Newmar, in a limo at SFO, Nov. 2005

Brownstone's leading the movement to get Mz. Julie her rightful star on de Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Photo courtesy Brownstone)


Later that evening, yours truly, Mz. Julie and Brownstone


Tom Boyer, Brownstone and limo driver as we set out for Napa, May 2006


Yours truly, Brownstone, Paul Culpepper and Dr. John Newmeyer
(Mz. Julie Newmar's brother) at Harvey's, May 2006


Brownstone at the Cafe Flore, May 2007
He was arrested later that night on charges he thought "fishy."


But he broke out of jail, and here we are on the way to Napa with a lady driver.


Brownstone at Harvey's in a hot dog hat, April 2008


Joe Robinson, Brownstone as a very late Santa, and Dr. John Newmeyer at Harvey's, April 2008


Brownstone and Culpepper fear the Mexican flu, May 2009


Brownstone pigheaded as always, May 2009


With Madam and her manager Rick Skye on Castro Street, October 2009


A wig, a dress and a mustache, you fit in anywhere,

as Brownstone proved at Harvey's, 5/14/10. Brownstone can't decide where he stands on sit/lie, and as for the Arizona immigration law, he's still straddling the fence.

A wig, a dress and a mustache, the boys come flocking.


For $100 an hour Flamingo Brownstone will stand on your lawn on one leg, June 2010


Brownstone founded "Mikes on Bikes," which always follows "Dykes on Bikes" at the head of San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade.
Here he is June 27, 2010.


For some really fun parade photos click here.


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