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The First Very Strange Step to Bliss
by Strange de Jim


Because of a peculiar situation I acted very differently from the way I normally would. This led to my acquiring hundreds of wonderful new best friends (and improving my love life no end).


April Holub

In 1971 moved to San Francisco, where a couple of years later my friend April talked me into going to massage school with her.

My pal Lady Jane Montgomery invited me to opening night of the stage production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at her Montgomery Playhouse. She introduced me to her good friend actor/model Cal Culver. I was telling them about a trust walk I'd had that afternoon, where I'd been led around feeling things, listening to sounds, etc. Cal piped up, "I want one!"

Lady Jane Montgomery


The next afternoon I was leading Cal blindfolded around my neighborhood, having him smell flowers, touch things with interesting textures, etc., when I realized my portable massage table was up and ready for the massage I was to give that night. I led Cal back to my place, put his hands on the table, and invited him to undress. He loved the massage, but said, "I just wish I hadn't known it was you." Noticing the stricken look on my face, he said, "No, no. I was just thinking what it would be like to be massaged by someone you'd never seen."

Next day brought me a blindfolded Lady Jane. I massaged her without speaking. Afterwards she hooted when she saw it was yours truly.

Cal Culver at the first Strange Experience.


Bob Dulaney

Then the two of them brought me a blindfolded Bob Dulaney, who played Rocky in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Next they brought the Count and Countess von Bergdorf and Jake Vreeburg. Experiencees would ask if they could bring their boyfriends and girlfriends, etc. I gave over three hundred Strange Experiences in all, and we almost always emerged best of friends. Why is that? Because of that brilliant thing I was accidentally doing.

The Count and Countess von Bergdorf
carrying Jake Vreeburg


Ordinarily, the reason I gave massages was to try to have sex with people. Sometimes they'd get turned on and let me give them a happy ending, but then they'd tend not to have a second massage. This, of course, taught me a lesson. Try harder to have sex with them, because you might not get a second chance.

However, the Experiencees were blindfolded. Most of them were gorgeous and had been brought by someone gorgeous. They probably thought I was gorgeous too. I was really afraid they'd take their blindfolds off at the end and go "YUCK!" (and/or complain to the person who brought them), so I wouldn't try to have sex. In fact, I wouldn't touch their tingly portions even if invited.

They might have been a little disappointed that I didn't try, but the main thing was that I seemed the most trustworthy person they'd ever met. To them I was a tremendous find. We were instant best friends. In public they'd stand with their arms draped around me and be so friendly people would ask if we were lovers. The friendship alone was wonderful.

"But you didn't get to have sex."

Besides bringing friends, Experiencees would also ask for regular unblindfolded massages for themselves, and I learned something priceless. People who've found they can trust you with their tingly portions tend to trust you with their tingly portions. Knowing I could be trusted to exclude their best parts, they'd often want me to include them. Some even wanted to date me. My love life went platinum. Trust attracts people the way gravity attracts objects. The rewards of being trustworthy are amazing.

Is this story true?

I wrote The Strange Experience (Ash-Kar Press, 1980) with these photos of friends willing to tell the public they'd enjoyed entering my apartment blindfolded, undressing, and, as the photo release put it, being given a Strange massage in which there was no sex or violence no matter how hard they begged.


Beep beep!



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San Francisco Chronicle 4-page Strange de Jim interview "Strange but true ..." with photos, Jan. 23, 2004